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Writer's Block: Jumped the shark

Which television show continues to get worse every season and should just get cancelled already?


The show should have ended the way Kripke intended it to, after five seasons. It should have been properly concluded with the end of the Winchester story, as I felt the apocalyptic plot was setting up for in the first place, instead of it being rushed way too quickly. What we have instead is a story with no clear direction, the ruining of storylines, characterizations and character relationships, the lack of respect for the story, the characters/actors and the fanbase attached to the show. All because Kripke decided to abandon his show, give the showrunning position to someone who clearly lacks any sense of direction or understanding of the show they're running, and allowing the network to milk everything they can just to have more ratings/money with more seasons. A show that once had, while not great, a decent story with an interesting development of characters and a (slowly) progressing of a plot, now has turned into a cash cow laughingstock that will only get worse the more it stays on the air.

To me, Supernatural has sold out and jumped the shark seasons ago. It should have never gone beyond S5.

Other shows to add to this list are the obvious: House, Bones, CSI, Gossip Girl, and all existing reality shows.
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