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Pretty Little Liars: "I Must Confess" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 2.11 "I Must Confess"

I can honestly say this is my favorite episode of the season so far. So much happened, still with the mystery but there was actual progression with the girls that I felt anxious throughout.

The fact that they told Dr. Sullivan about A was a huge step. After all this time, they finally told someone. It must have been such a relief to get some of that weight off their shoulders, even just for the little bit. Knowing that someone knew and is trying to help them for the first time since this all began was such a big step forward. Unfortunately, because A is practically everywhere and knows/hears everything, because the girls told her about them Dr. Sullivan is now out of the picture before she got to reveal the identity of their attacker. Is she alive? Dead? Missing? What? We don't know, because it all happened so fast and in the room there wasn't a sign of a struggle. Still, it's all kinds of eerie.

But this also finally revealed that yes, A is using electronic devices to overhear their conversations. I hope the girls start checking their rooms and seeing if their phones have been bugged as well.....

Spencer's dad scares me a bit. O_o I think Spencer is even afraid of him at times, especially when his anger goes off like that. I've got to say though,I'm really liking all these things rising to the surface. Whatever has him rattled he's been doing whatever it takes to make sure it is covered up. What exactly is the beef between the two families? What else is Mr. Hastings hiding that he doesn't want his daughter to know about? So many secrets in this family, I swear.

Poor Hanna. :( All she's doing is trying to make-up, play nice and make the best out of this upcoming wedding all for her father, and all Kate wants to do is ruin everything by being the biggest bitch in the whole universe. Worse, she's making Hanna's father go against her when Hanna did absolutely nothing wrong. At all. I mean, come on, she was crying and looked so upset and regretful about ruining the dress and yet he had the audacity to yell in her face. :/ I know that they doesn't have the greatest relationship ever, but jfc dude, this is your daughter. Just look at her face and know that it was an accident. Believe her over a stranger any freaking day, for goodness sakes. God, I just want Kate to get was she deserves. Perhaps A might teach her a lesson (unless A wants to recruit Kate or something, because some of the things she's done is just as sketchy and sly as A's games with the girls.....)

However, Hanna's grandmother? Is awesome. I love that she smells the bullshit reeking from Kate a mile away. It's great knowing that Hanna has support, because can you imagine her being in this alone? I hope she and her grandmother come up with something to get Kate back, or just be as sneaky to expose Kate and her phoniness.

Upside though? Drunk!Hanna is just as fun as drunk!Emily. Drunk!Hanna is very cute.


I am loving the Montgomery family storyline right now, because honestly I find myself identifying with it in a way.

Mike is probably dealing with depression, he feels neglected, shut out, he finds ways of channeling his anger and frustration by destructible actions (breaking into other people's homes) and is completely closed off from friends and family, and he spends most of the time in his bedroom. Either online or just lying in bed staring at nothing. I was once there, I understand perfectly these patterns, and apparently it might be in the family history for them too. The moment in the episode that Mike was struggling with his mom with the laptop and ended up unintentionally hurting her, that was a shocking thing to happen that I think woke Mike up. From that moment that it happened there was shock and disbelief on his face, but he turned away from it until Aria talked with him in his bedroom. He was distraught over it, asking whether their mom was going to be okay. And when he asked whether he was going to be okay, that just did it. :(

This is something that Aria needed to be alone with in this episode. No Ezra getting in the way, nothing of that nature. Aria needs to be with her family now more than ever.


That's good, however I'm still not really exactly sure why they had her leave like that in the first place. It just seems rather unnecessary for her to be sent away like that, after already saying that her parents were laidback hippie-types, and that the camp they sent her to was a reform camp of sorts, you'd think that she would have come back changed in some way. Idk, that whole arrangement never sat right with me, but whatever. It was a chance for Emily to learn and grow into herself, which I think was perhaps the whole point of it anyway. Maya brought Emily out of her shell, and now that she's back Emily is more confident and comfortable with herself.

Favorite parts of the episode?

++ Spencer and Toby. Omgosh, they are super cute together. And Toby standing up for Spencer! ♥ I love how protective they are of each other, they are so perfect.

++ Hanna spinning around in the fancy wedding dress. Honestly, that is precisely what I do too. Either when it's just on a hanger or I'm inside of it, I love to twirl in dresses. Minus the throwing up on them part, anyway.

++ The beginning of the episode was really intense and it had me worrying about Emily. She was cracking, she wasn't sure what to do. A has harassed the girls before but never on this kind of level. Emily just took off, not telling anyone where she went, and the inter-cutting of the scenes with the girls worrying about her and her running in the forest. There was a moment when I thought that someone was actually chasing Emily, but then I saw her sweats and realized she was just running to escape from the insanity. But still, it's a nice way of cutting the scenes up from her running and seeing the girls concerning and trying to know where she went.

++ Mona mouthing "Boring!" during Dr. Sullivan's speech was unintentionally hilarious to me.

++ I demand more flashbacks of Allison and more of Grandmother Marin, please. Kthx.


It's a tie this episode. It's between Spencer being, well, Spencer with her words from the beginning scene when regarding the picture A sent Emily of Ezra and Aria kissing:

"Well, unless you're Aria's mom, just assume it's Spencer. You know, sluttin' it up!"

And of course my second favorite being Emily, giving attitude to a blind girl who may be plotting against them. Her bitchiness is just so refreshingly awesome. I loved her being bitchy when she was drunk, but Emily bitchy when she's sober and definitely has reason for being so hostile towards Jenna? Oh, it's on. This was an excellent burn.

"I guess it takes one bully to know another, Jenna. Could you please move your stick? There are people trying to get past you."

I haven't seen the preview for next week's episode, but I've seen gifs and I'm just all D: D: D: WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY BBS!? HEART. BREAKING. :(
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