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Divine: The Series, Episode 1: "Divine"

Such an intriguing start. Begins with a rush of a young girl asking for the elderly priest, carrying what we assume to be her friend or familiar acquaintance who seems to be injured really badly, and another priest, Father Christopher (Misha Collins) caught in the middle of something disturbing and miraculous at the same time. He seems to be unaware of what is happening, but the elderly priest certainly knows. The ending shows the wounded man, now healed, in a room in the middle of flagellating himself. The walls in front of him are bloody with marks, which he has apparently been marking the times he has done this.

I have to say, this was definitely something to pull someone in. Obviously for many of us it's because of Misha, but I'm definitely tuned in because I want to know what the hell is going on. I am forever fascinated with anything of this kind of stuff (the healing reminded me of Heroes a bit, I just kept thinking of Claire or Peter and wondering if they appeared in this and it would have been a totally different story....but my mind goes to those multifandom places so heh.....)

Also, can I just say that this DOES NOT HELP my insane priest!kink? I mean just, hnnnnggggg. Can't wait for the crossover gifs/vids to happen, because Dean/priest!Castiel? a;skflasjfd;jas;fjas;kf;lasfd

Plus. Nudity. And profanity. And Misha in a priest outfit, and tiny spunky Asian girl. So far, I approve.

What did you all think?
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