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Warehouse 13 2.08 "The 40th Floor"

There have been two dramatic episodes in a row, both of them really awesome. If this keeps up I think this might be my favorite season yet.

The plot is thickening with the seasonal arc mystery, and it is definitely very intense. Someone is trying to get inside the Warehouse for whatever purpose, learn its secrets and destroy the Regents. We don't know for why and for what, but this is leading us to know more about those higher ups that Warehouse agents respond to. I knew it was about time to learn more about them. Plus, it adds more complexity to how these people are connected. Not just with the cliffhanger but the concept of destiny, how they all have a purpose and are chosen for something. I mean, thinking about it, it makes sense. They are all there because of a connection to an artifact or something of that world. Claudia because of her brother's experiment, Myka because of her partner who was killed due to an artifact, and now we learn about Pete and the reveal that his own mother is a Warehouse Regent herself. It's all connected. I think this season is getting to, or at least setting up, for something much bigger than that, and whatever the Regents do.

Also, this makes me wonder if this is going to continue the arc involving Claudia and her supposed destiny about becoming the caretaker of Warehouse 13.

This leads me to something else this episode did: Mrs. Fredrick fired Jinks from being an agent.

This fills me with a lot of emotions, because I love Jinksy. He just became part of the team and then he got fired, all because he showed morality in a situation which he felt wasn't right. Even though yes, it was under dire circumstances and Mrs. Fredrick saw no other choice but to use drastic measures, but you can't really blame him for using those instincts. He protects people, he doesn't want to torture them even if they are bad. How is that wrong? This brings up questions about Mrs. Fredrick and the other Regents who would do absolutely anything in their power to protect the Warehouse, and whether the FBI agent was right about how not so saintly the people running the Warehouse operation really are.

Unless this is some kind of ploy on Mrs. Fredrick's end. Because Warehouse agents don't usually get fired, do they? Now pulling a gun on Mrs. Fredrick might have something to do with such a decision, but somehow I can't help but think about how there might be something else behind this.

Who is this new big bad? Why can't we see his face? Perhaps it's because we already know who it is.

Already there are speculations that it's actually Jinks, perhaps from the future via artifact, who is trying to uncover the mysteries of the Warehouse because of what happened. I mean, think about it, how else would this mysterious man know about Jinks and what he would do? How he would react to the situation? Mrs. Fredrick firing him would lead him to question things, investigate more, hence why this was all done in the first place. This could be reaching here, but what if Jinks joins the other side because of his suspicions and what if he can't detect whoever the mysterious man is and whether he's lying because it's actually him?

Okay, all of this is reaching for answers. I may be wayyyyyy off. But after this episode you never know. D: I'm just really sad about Jinksy, okay? And Claudia, my bb Claudia she was crying. She is clearly not happy about this at all and when Claudia is sad, that just ain't cool bro.

Still. Just, this episode. It broke my brain. In the best possible way.

Okay, WH13 fans, what did you think of this episode and what happened? What this is possibility leading to? I just need to talk with someone about this because the two-week hiatus is gonna be killing me.
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