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Somehow today went by so quickly, and I haven't even noticed until just now. Tomorrow will be my last day free from school (well, that was actually Friday, but I count weekends too). But at least I have afternoon sessions instead of full-day school hours.....and it's only three fucking hours of school every day! YAY!!!

Earlier this afternoon I was watching Die Hard by accident while my mother was surfing the channels to see what there was to watch. Knowing my Alan Rickman obsession lately, she knew that I would get a kick out of seeing him in the movie - even if he does play the bad guy in this movie.

But still, I prefer him in Sense and Sensibility, because he's just so damn huggable and adorable in that movie! (yes, I will go on and on about this movie until I owe it myself damn it!) And also he plays an excellent and delicious Severus Snape, too.
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