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Dragon*Con 2011: Write-Up, Part 2

The Battlestar Galactica Panel

Being a huge fan of the show, even though I had decided early on that I wasn't going to get autographs or anything like that at this event, just the very thought of being in the same room with some of this fantastic people was enough to make me start fangirling. Believe me, it doesn't take much to get me fangirling and once the panel started, aside from taking pictures I was in absolute awe of them, all of them. And I just want to thank nicole_anell for saving me and my mom a spot in line, because we were coming directly out from Tom Felton's panel and trying to find the BSG line in the mass of people in the hotel, and she was already towards the front of an extremely long line. So thank you, bb. You have no idea how awesome you are. ♥

Anyway, after taking our seats and the introduction of the cast, and after Tahmoh appeared four minutes into the panel, as he had just gotten off his plane, that's when the awesomeness started. :)

Doesn't she look absolutely radiant? I couldn't help but take as many pictures of her as I could because, well, duh, she's Tricia Helfer for goodness sakes! ♥

Although I have seen and listened to them talk before from various interviews and other conventions, it was lovely just to sit and listen to them in person. They are all incredibly intelligent individuals who have a lot to say in regards to the show and their characters and the involvement of the fanbase in general. EJO talked excessively out of them all, as he's a very passionate man who does a lot of speechifying about various of topics. From technology to the fanbase, he makes excellent points and gives fantastic, well thought out responses. One of the questions Tricia was asked was her preparation for the role of Gina for the Pegasus episodes, and just hearing her talk about the experience -- from her extensive research to how she wanted her scenes to go -- was absolutely remarkable. I don't think I have to tell others how much I adore Tricia and how much she has grown as an actor based on her various roles on BSG, but just hearing those stories about how she didn't want to be comfortable when being Gina, how she wanted everything to be as real as possible, it really makes me respect her even more than I already have. ♥

If the lighting looks a little off it's because I was testing out the different settings on my camera, since certain settings work better depending on the lighting and how the background is in order to focus on the subject so, yeah....

Kevin Grazier, who is the science adviser on BSG (as well as many other scifi shows, saw him at the Eureka/WH13 panel too), commented on certain aspects of the show that I previously didn't know. Such as FTL, and how it's scientifically impossible for FTL drives to become reality. Much to many BSG and other scifi fans dismay, I'm sure. But I think that stuff is fascinating, just the science behind shows like BSG and how they figured things out, consulted and making it all work into the show without it being completely half-assed or made-up, and that it all makes sense within the show. While Kevin explained this, it actually made me really wanna pick up The Science of Battlestar Galactica, which I've been meaning to pick up for some time now.

Is it just me or does Tahmoh looks like a younger version of Jason Isaacs? Just me then? Okay....

It was a wonderful panel, and yes. Edward James Olmos led the audience with his usual, "SO SAY WE ALL!" speech and that was awesome to participate in. SO SAY WE ALL, ADMIRAL. SO SAY WE FRAKKING ALL. ♥ ♥ ♥

The Eureka/Warehouse 13 Panel

Interestingly enough I wasn't even aware there was going to be a combine panel between the two shows until I read the schedule, and of course I had to go to this. I will say though, the room was huge, the same size as the BSG one was, and it was freezing, and unfortunately my batteries on my camera died out before I could take more pictures, however it was worth it because the cast was hilarious. Most notably were Colin Ferguson and Eddie McClintock, who I feel they should end up doing improv together or something because they played off each other very well during the panel.

Unfortunately my camera batteries died and I didn't get more pics/video. Woe. :(

There was lots of talk about the Eureka cancellation, and they reassured the audience that it wasn't Syfy that decided this but Comcast, since the network was fighting for the show to stay on another season. I don't claim to know anything about the politics in the entertainment business and all the juggling around that happens behind the scenes, but in this case I'll take their word for it. Even though I am still miffed with Syfy in general, but that's a given. Anyway, the possibility for more crossovers between Eureka and WH13 despite the cancellation is certainly high, and there were jokes between each other about how Jack Carter can fit right into the WH13 team, with all the wackiness and whatnot. ;) I think it would be a good idea to keep that rolling, as well. There were some inside jokes going on between the cast on the panel, an ongoing joke with Colin going, "poof!" that went on for the duration of the panel itself, Eddie mistaking Dragon*Con for Comic Con and he was utterly embarrassed by that, hoping that nobody would hate him. D'awwww, Eddie. ♥ And yeah, it was a great panel. Cold inside the room, but I laughed and they all were fantastic.

The Guild Panel

Okay, this was another highly anticipated panel I wanted to go to. The ladies from The Guild: Felicia Day, Amy Okuda, and Robin Thorsen. Being a huge fan of Felicia herself, and a fan of her webseries The Guild, there was no way I was going to miss this opportunity when I realized that I could get to this panel. Funny story though, we had to walk from one hotel to another, and I thought we weren't going to make it (even though it would have been like more than an hour wait anyway, but I wanted to get to the front of the line first, since I'm stubborn like that) and after rushing through the crowds we finally arrive and of course there's no "official" line for The Guild panel yet since another panel was going into the room (DS9 I think?) so they were redirecting The Guild line downstairs until they decided it was time, and that happened several times during the time we were waiting. The line was sectioned off and it went from the third floor, to the second, all the way out the doors and around the building. THE LINE WAS THAT LONG YOU GUYS, AND THE ROOM WAS HUUUUGGEEE AND YEAH. HOLY SHIT. Like, I know the series is popular and awesome but I didn't think that many people would be arriving. It was insane, and I loved it. Pure awesomeness right there.

Which makes me very thankful that I was sitting in the second row. O_O

Anyways, onto the panel.

I actually got more video of this panel than pics due to the stupid lighting in some of them, but this was fortunate because their stories were hilarious and priceless!

It was absolutely fantastic, as I knew it would be. Felicia Day explained that it was Robin and Amy's first time to Dragon*Con and that after all the partying and craziness it was revealed that Amy Okuda is now officially into the new nerd convention scene. I also have to say that Felicia and Amy have a lovely friendship going on too, just their chemistry and I loved they way they interacted during the whole panel. Oh, and the best way to get on Robin's good side is offering her vodka. ;) But yeah, there was a lot of talk regarding The Guild and how Felicia got started with it, the new season that is still going on and how the idea about it being centered around a convention came to be. She also talked about meeting Neil Gaiman along Amy's absolute fangirl freakout about meeting someone she admired herself. They also talked costumes when people came up to ask them questions (really close-up to the front, not midway or in the back like some panels were, but right there in front) and they even took pictures of the people fully dressed up. Amy Okuda took one of a girl dressed in one of the costumes her character wore in episode of the show this season, which was awesome.

The panel ended too soon (don't all panels?), but I have to say that I loved it so, so much. Felicia Day is considered the Geek Goddess, I admire her so much and being able to sit so close to see her at one of these panels that I have only watched via online is totally surreal and amazing. I am just in awe of her, really. *___* As well as with Robin and Amy, who were just as awesome and delightful. ♥

Coming up: My final report which is completely dedicated to Tom Felton, all the three days I attended his panel and how I completely fell in love with him all over again, for many reasons, one in particular which made this con experience worth it. :)
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