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Fandom: Wants and Gimmes of Fandom Franchise

Starting with the Harry Potter fandom: Lucius Malfoy's infamous pimp cane. This is SO going on my Must Have Even Though It's Expensive Like Whoa list. I mean, who wouldn't want a replica of Lucius's magnificent pimpin' walking stick? Noble Collection, I bow down to thee.

There's also Draco Malfoy's wand, Dumbledore's nifty looking wand, and lastly Lord Voldemort's majorly creepifying wand, as an exclusive from GoF closeup.

Fireflyverse and Browncoats

cadence_k had mentioned these items before, but I'd thought I'd like to reintroduce them, because they're all so pretty and shiny. CafePress has a nifty little section for Firefly/Serenity items, sorted by character love, of course. In various pieces of merchandise, too. Which are technically all the same, but I don't care because, well the shinyness!

Inara's occupation as Companion pretty much sums up this article of clothing, which I definitely want and probably will get.

Everyone knows Jayne's just a big fluffy teddy bear inside....'cause Gina told us so!

....and of course, everyone wants the Hero of Canton near their crotch. Woof!

OMG, cute I ♥ Kaylee baby tee!

'Cause we all know, Mal loves wearing boxers even though he lies, he loves his boxer-briefs gorrammit

Is it wrong that I want totally Nekkid!Mal on this?

Fancy lettering because Zoe definitely is a hardcore badass, yet feminine female

All right, so everything else -- Book, Simon, River, Wash -- all the items are basically the same. Thankfully, though, there's tons more Serenity/Firefly-related items elsewhere. Where the elsewhere is located exactly, I cannot recall, but it has some pretty shiny things that all fellow Browncoats must go ye forth and get. Go, buy! Support our lovely space cowboys and their crime thrillin' adventures. Even if it's just to buy the DVD set once again.

Apparently, after searching around, EBay is selling some things Firefly/Serenity related. Definitely something to consider if you're a really diehard Browncoat. I would bid on these items myself but, lack of money I cannot. Therefore, admiring from afar and oogling at its prettiness is all this gal can do.

Jayne Cobb's Amazing Wool Knitted Hat (currently $15.76)

Fireflyverse Collectible Crew Mug (currently $56.50)

Official Serenity Movie Poster, OMG So Shiny! (currently $51.00)

Firefly/Serenity Browncoat Silicone Bracelet, though cheap at the moment ($5.50), it's still very shiny -- and it has Chinese written on the sides!

EXTREMELY SHINY Serenity Keychains! (currently $3.53)

SHINY! Browncoat Imprinted T-Shirt (currently $9.99) Me wants it, seriously. Or something similar to that design.

And, that's all folks for this addition of the Browncoat Gloating and Praising. Until next time with the shinyness of Firefly/Serenity awesomeness. Just happy to be doin' good works! :D

Buffyverse: Vampirism and Apocolyptic Beepers

Although the entire Buffyverse has gazillions of sites dedicated to its merchandise, or anything Buffy related to collectors worldwide, there are several things from the Buffy Fan Club website that caught my eye. Including....

This Sunnydale High Baseball Cap, and assumingly if you're walking around wearing this and come across someone that doesn't know the Buffyverse and asks you if you went to school at Sunnydale, it'll be hoots of laughter when you reply, "Yes! Three years of burden and Hell, before it all blew up, of course." Hee!

And This Coffee Mug, because Lord knows I need more fandom-esque glasses and mugs in the kitchen.

Well, that's basically it...for now, anyway. There's plenty more fandom merchandise out there in the Internet world, or perhaps in ones hometown if you're lucky to find something. Yeah.

*whisks away to read more Inara/Kaylee*
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