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Nikita: "Game Change" Episode Review

Nikita 2.01 "Game Change"

If there's something this show loves to do, is start off an episode with a bang, and the second season premiere really sets it off nicely.

Nikita and Michael are on the run with one of the black boxes, filled with vital information that can take Division down if they go public with it. Alex is going solo but dedicated on using Division to get what she needs, which is to target the man who is responsible for calling the murder on her family. With Percy being held prisoner within Division walls, Amanda has risen to power, and is quite a crafty HBIC let me tell you. However she is underneath watchful eyes of her superiors, having someone being assigned to her for backup, who is interfering more than she'd like. Oh, and Birkhoff is working -- or rather "helping" unofficially -- Nikita and Michael, now that he's left Division.

Yep, things are quite turned around since last season, but I'd say this is good because it spices things up, and you never know what to expect.

What I really love seeing is Nikita's struggle with her own morality based on her past actions. She is starting to have doubts on her entire crusade, which she believes because of her lies and keeping secrets from Alex is what drove her away, seeking her own revenge. Her speech to Michael in the beginning of the episode is telling that she doesn't know whether what they're doing is going to make things easier or much, much more difficult in the long-run. She is still seeking redemption, and she doesn't know if uncovering the things from the black boxes are gonna be enough. This is something she has been struggling with for a while, and now it's finally catching up to her. I like seeing this, her vulnerability, her questioning and doubting, of wanting vengeance but suddenly rethinking her position. Is this the right way of taking Division down? Will this cause more damage? Will she get more people she cares for hurt, or killed? She keeps thinking about how she failed Alex, and how she will never live with herself thinking about that or the other things she's done.

But another thing I love is seeing Michael there with her. He believes in her and he believes in what they're doing is the right thing. Even if it's imperfect, risky and quite possibly a suicide mission. But he is in it with her, 100%. ♥

With Alex, it's sad seeing her not trusting Nikita. But I understand why she doesn't. After everything she'd gone through in her life, she feels like she can't trust anyone but herself. She's not on anyone's side but her own, she wants to avenge her father's death and do it herself. Her need for proper revenge is understandable, but that's a dangerous motivation if anything. She needs proper stability. I only hope she comes to terms with that and in some way, finds it in herself to if not forgive Nikita, allow her to help her in some way so she can get proper revenge once and for all. Because Nikita is right, she's lost. But on the other hand, I feel like she needs to understand this herself, gain perspective on what is happening so she can find herself once again without going down this destructive path because while she may think she's using Division to get what she wants, let us remind ourselves what happened with Michael and his revenge for his family's killer. They kept it from him, deliberately. Who's to say that Division won't do the same thing to Alex? Or deceive her in the process?

Their fight in the alleyway hurt. I hate my bbs fighting like that, and there's so much rage in Alex. Again, it's revenge, but it's also hurt about what happened between herself and Nikita. She doesn't know where to target that anger. :(

Birkhoff rescuing Nikita and Michael was quite a surprise, and hilarious. I love that he's kinda teamed up with them now. He's hilarious and after all, I think the more they have on their side the better. I loved the "awww Nerd you're lonely" bit and also Birkhoff going off on Division. Michael's delivery after the fact was priceless. I'm gonna love them being a team so much, I can just tell.

I don't know what Percy is planning, but it's not good. Unless he's turned over a new leaf which, yeah, not seeing that happening.

Overall, this premiere? Excellent. I missed my show so much.
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