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Shows, shows, shows.

The fall season has started up, you know what that means. Old shows returning, new shows to discover:

Nikita: Second season premiered with a bang, and it was completely awesome. I love my shows with kickass women, and this season seems to be shaping up to be bigger and better than the first. If you're not watching Nikita then you really should, especially if you love some awesome female empowerment.

Ringer: In my opinion, the second episode was better than the pilot. So far, I'm liking the show. Of course it is with my bias with SMG, but the story seems to be unfolding nicely. It reminds me of Agatha Christie mysteries a little bit. I'm sure once the ball starts rolling with the mysteries, unfolding and suspense is when everything will start to pick up.

Revenge: New show on ABC, only the pilot has been shown but after watching it I am quite pleased with how it looks. The name of the show is self-explanatory, it's a story about revenge and the main character is a self-sufficient girl who just so happens to do just that. I love a good revenge story where a girl is taking that initiative, and I kinda loved that she's planning in very subtly and being very direct disguised as innocence in certain scenes. And she proves to take care of herself. That is what I like to see. Also, the opening sequence is kind of telling us what is gonna happen and the rest is going to be leading up to that, which intrigues me even more. We get a teaser for what is to come and we see that progression and why that happens in the first place. Awesomeness. I think I just found a new show to enjoy with the mystery of.

Hawaii Five-0: My delightfully gay show is back, the profound bond between Steve and Danno is still profound and they are still bonding and bickering like the old married couple that they are, and the premiere really set off to a good start into the second season. That ending man, that ending. I wonder how that will be explained and how the team will react.

Pretty Little Liars: Okay, so I never did write a review for the mid-season finale but....omfg! What an intense mid-season finale that was. Like, dudes. What the hell. :O And apparently they are gonna have a Halloween special this October, a prequel episode with Allison in it. Can't wait!

Jason Isaacs' NBC series, Awake, will be a mid-season premiere. I just can't wait that long for 2012 to come around any faster, you know?
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