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Nikita: "Falling Ash" Episode Review

Nikita 2.02 "Falling Ash"

This episode was very interesting, sort of a Dark Angel and Dollhouse kind of flavor in terms of programming and sleeper agents.

An old assignment known as P9, a.k.a. "Falling Ash", has been reactivated where those who were underneath a program under a clinic were being "helped" by adding programming to their brains, which they didn't realize they were being programmed as sleeper agents and when they hear a signal via electronics they are triggered for specific kill assignments. It was very Dollhouse in that brainwave architectural kind of way. I found this storyline to be interesting because it's different from other kinds of assignments Nikita and Co. have dealt with, and it brought something new by upping the ante for what this season is gonna be featuring. At least in my eyes, we have Owen reappearing (by means of finding the cure for his Regiment problem), him cooperating with Gogle (but not really as we see in the end, he is merely there for business transactions, and is protective of Nikita) and Birkhoff finally being on board with helping out Nikita and Michael and being part of their crusade. Which both are awesome in their own ways.

We also have Alex and Sean kind of bonding more, which is also interesting. Sean's advice intrigues me, because I think he understands the situation more than anyone else. There was so much emotion in that last scene when he was explaining to Alex that killing Nikita would be saving her the pain and torment that Oversight would do to her. This is bringing some scary shit into the mix, as well, with Oversight.

Overall, I quite liked this episode.

Julie McNiven guest-starred in this episode. Now, those who know me know I wasn't fond of Julie's acting on SPN because, well, Anna Milton was the least likable character ever. Up until this point I found her acting skills limited, very cardboard-like and forgettable. However on this episode of Nikita I was....rather impressed. I mean yeah, I rolled my eyes initially when she appeared, but she sold me on her performance. I don't know whether she improved since SPN or what, but I wasn't annoyed with her as I previously have been in the past.

Perhaps this is just my own observation, but this goes to show how SPN limits and under-uses the potential for characters with the actors they have.
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