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Fandomosity: Fireflyverse (Big Damn Movie), Amber Benson, and Potterisms

-♠- The Special Hell: The Signal has added two new podcast episodes, including one with an interview with Gina Torres included in Podcast #5, and most recently an interview with Ron Glass in Podcast #6. Specials include the Chinese section, Guerrilla Marketing, and more guidelindes on How To Host A Shindig, plus much more. Did you know that the mystery of Shepard Book is that he used to be a ballerina?

-♠- Freedom and Firefly: An article gives an indepth look into the Fireflyverse, which has politics and government beliefs and opinions. It's an insightful and interesting article, and worth a read-through.

-♠- Under Your Spell: Amber Benson's newest movie, Angst, is now in post-production. Details of this movie can be found in this article.

-♠- GOF: Bunches of new pictures had been released sometime ago from the fourth film: Quidditch World Cup campfires blazing, Harry and Mad-Eye Moody, possibly after one of the Tasks, Mad-Eye Moody alone, Harry inside the Great Hall feast, Dirty Harry...literally, with a bloody nose too, Gryffindors! Loving the shaggy hair, Dumbledore in the Pensieve scene, Dumbledore at the feast introducing the Triwizard Trophey, Cho Chang in a scarf (she's adorable too!), and finally our first clear look at Barty Crouch. There's also another newish picture with Harry and Hermione, and the Golden Egg and another adorable promotional picture of Cho Chang.

Also, it's been reported that Goblet of Fire will reach a PG-13 rating, which is the highest rating for any of the Potter films to date. Due to sequences of fantasy violence and frightening images, the MPAA has issued a fairly reasonable rating for the film, and very appropriate for the contents inside the book.
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