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BREAKING NEWS: Arrested Development comes back for another television season and a movie.

Okay, this is like big news considering the show was canceled by FOX in 2006. The show of course had a devoted cult following and many people have been campaigning for the show to be brought back, and I'm sure everyone knows the "Obama Bring Back Arrested Development" sign. It seems that TPTB heard the fans and now it has been announced and confirmed that they are, indeed, bringing back the show for a nine-ten episode season plus a movie in early 2013. Proving that while rare, there is hope when trying to resurrect a canceled series. Firefly did it with their film, Serenity, so who knows what's next out there? :D

However in sad news, The Playboy Club has been axed. I hadn't watched it but I heard it was becoming a great guilty pleasure for many people. I also feel sad because of the Sean Maher interview, he really liked being in that role. So, yeah.

It's October, and you know what that means? HALLOWEEN! There are several of my shows doing Halloween episodes, and I love holiday-themed episodes for practically anything. I think what I'm most anticipating is the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special. It looks creepy, and I love a good prequel. And of course Spencer would dress up as Queen Elizabeth. Heee.

So now I've got new episodes from shows to watch and review.
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