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Hawaii Five-0: Kono and Jenna

Based on the recent episode there is some understandable concern over Kono and her current storyline this season. I, too, am fearful for what this might mean for our girl since there were some rumors last season about Grace Park possibly leaving the show. But I don't think that's the case. I think her being apart from the 5-0 team is allowing Grace some breathing space along with having her character go through this particular arc before being reinstated as part of the team once again.

First, we have to understand her current position, which is very sticky with everything that is setup against her. She feels like there really is no chance of her getting back on the force, no matter how many strings that they pull those who want her out of the way will do whatever it takes to make sure she is found guilty of all charges. So, right now, she feels that she can't just stand around and do nothing. If there's anything we've learned about Kono is that she isn't someone who waits, she acts. And while her running around with the bad crowd isn't the smartest of choices, especially with the things she is most likely going to end up doing, she feels like this is her only option of getting around the system, of fighting back. She loves and respects her family and team over on 5-0, but she needs to find another way of handling it, even if it means doings something incredibly illegal and with the wrong people. I'm worried that this might break her trust with McGarrett and the rest of them, judging from stills from an upcoming episode, they confront her and seem very unhappy.

But I believe this won't last long. The creators said that Kono will be having her own multi-episode arc and I don't think this will last all season, and hopefully she will be cleared of all charges made against her.

Now, about Jenna. I know some were shocked (or, perhaps, a few not so shocked) about the reveal of her involvement with Wo Phat. However, I have a different theory: she isn't in cahoots with Wo Phat.

Based on what we saw at the end of the season premiere, while Jenna was the driver for Wo Phat, she didn't seem very happy. I have reason to believe that Wo Phat is holding something against her, blackmail of sorts, and is using her to get what he wants. We have seen this demonstrated by him many times before, he is the master of manipulation and blackmail, and is always two steps ahead of McGarrett and his team. Once discovering that Jenna was working with McGarrett, I think he used this opportunity to gain something else: get information in exchange for Jenna's fiance, who was once presumed dead. If anything I believe that Jenna wants her fiance back more than anything, and she might not like what she is forced to do she can't risk getting him hurt or killed.

Of course, fandom has already ruled her out for being a "traitor" and for being "evil" which are quite a stretch of accusations. In my opinion, we haven't seen anything besides her being Wo Phat's driver -- and again, looking very reluctant at that -- to call her out on anything just yet.

I haven't really talked that much about this fandom on here, since I just wanted to add my two cents in about what is happening so far this season.

I also kinda want to make another WH13 post about Claudia. My girl Claudia and how I am excited yet deeply terrified about her developing character arc and what it will mean for the next season, since the third season finale was phenomenally emotional and quite scary, to say the least. I also just want to talk about Allison Scagliotti's amazing acting skills because girlfriend deserves a fucking Emmy for her performance, like whoa. But that will be for another time. I am still wrapping my head around what happened in the finale and how I am prepared for what is to come for the fourth season.
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