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Nikita: "Knightfall" Episode Review

Nikita 2.03 "Knightfall"

This episode was very emotional-driven for two reasons: Mikita and Nikita's redemption arc.

I love that we're diving more into Nikita's redemption arc, her reasons and motive of taking down those who wronged her and the consequences of her actions for achieving her ends. When she was talking with Roman we got more into what her actions of allowing him to live during a mission six years ago led him to become the man he is today, something she didn't foresee and deeply regrets. She thought that by saving him they would give him mercy, if anything he would be set free. Instead they injured him, paralyzing him from the waist down permanently, and then forced him to do their bidding. He became their lapdog, instead of wanting to go out in a blaze of glory, doing what he believed was right, like he always wanted. In fact, it was because of his words to Nikita six years ago ("freedom isn't given, it's taken") that made her want to do something. Her first step to freedom, of redemption, of fighting this war.

Another thing that was brought up was creating monsters. Roman worked for Division, whether he wanted to or not, all because Nikita let him live the night she was assigned to kill him. This is also true in what happened to Alex; failing to tell the entire truth to her, Nikita inadvertently led Alex astray, being on her own to pursue her own act of revenge against the people involved in her family's murder....and possibly becoming a danger to herself.

I also loved all the Nikita and Michael scenes. They are absolutely adorable together, and I love how their relationship is very solid and mature and how much they love each other. There's no jealousy involved, they trust each other and they would do anything for the other, as demonstrated time and time again. Every scene with them it's like, wow, I would love to have a relationship like that. Minus all the criminal aspects, but still. ;) My favorite Mikita scene from this episode has to be tied between them talking about what they were gonna do for the rest of the week and their adorable little kiss, and the last scene in the end when Michael emerges from the hidden tunnel after Roman's house exploded, and Nikita is so relieved that he is alive and just jumps into his arms into a fierce hug. ♥

I love Birkhoff more and more with each passing episode, and I love the entire teamwork that all three of them are involved in now. They are just unstoppable and wonderful as an ensemble, and I hope that never, ever goes away.

But it also makes me sad because I miss Alex being part of that team. I just miss the Nikita/Alex dynamic in general, to be honest. :(

Which brings me to Alex in this episode. She, too, is hellbent on revenge but hers is more in cold-blood than it is for the greater good. There was some fierce fire in her eyes towards the end of the episode, and when she pulled the trigger, well, the screen goes black but we know precisely what happened. I hope it's not a misleading thing, since this really adds something to Alex's character with the fact that she can kill these people with so much hatred in her heart. Who knows what else she is capable of? She is driven by her anger, her revenge, her ability to do whatever it takes to take down these people who hurt her family. Besides, she's not working for Division so her disobeying orders is going to be quite interesting.

I also want to see Nikita's reaction to this news. She desperately didn't want Alex to turn out this way, in fact she wanted to keep her away from becoming this person. It just makes me want them back together so badly.

In conclusion, this episode was amazing. The season continues to get better and better and I'm really excited for what the future brings.
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