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09 October 2011 @ 08:13 am
New fandoms via British television  
The Fades: A British supernatural-based drama, I initially was interested because of Natalie Dormer, however stayed because the story has intrigued me. The mythology and apocalyptic arc is fascinating, and so far I really like the characters. I definitely say check it out if you're into this kind of story/mythos, for sure.

Doctor Who: Okay, not necessarily "new" fandom for me, however I just got back into being very into DW recently and series six....holy shit was series six amazing. *__* I mean quite honestly, I had sporadically watched DW over the last couple of years, but I was drawn back in because of all this talk about Matt Smith being a fantastic Doctor, of the Ponds and River Song, and MARK SHEPPARD being featured in the series six premiere, and just everything. So I've gone back to watch the Eleventh Doctor episodes and getting caught up and watching that finale and yeah, I am quite in love with this series all over again. Believe me, if you want some amazing wibbly wobbly timey wimey and spacey wacey stuff, this is definitely the bestest show I can recommend for that.

I'm also going to be getting into Case Histories soon because, well. Jason Isaacs. Duh. ;)

Yeah, I'm getting into a lot of new fandoms lately. Pimp posts surely to come soon, y/y?
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Becky: Les Chansons D'Amourbeckytheelf on October 10th, 2011 12:29 am (UTC)
I've started watching The Fades-mainly for Natalie Dormer as well. It seems super interesting and fun so far (only an ep in) and I need a supernatural show to fill the void in my life. LOL. I tried watching An American Horror Story but good Lord was it awful.
Renée: Ruby. V1.0rogueslayer452 on October 10th, 2011 12:38 am (UTC)
I've seen gifs for An American Horror Story, but I have no idea what's going on. What is it essentially about?
Becky: Gagabeckytheelf on October 10th, 2011 02:03 am (UTC)
It's just really terrible to me. Also, oh god, it's from Ryan Murphy so you know how that goes.
It's only been one episode but it's like these characters are so flat and cliched that I can't with any of them. The cast is amazing though because it's Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton and DENIS O'HARE AND JESSICA LANGE! AND OMG ZACH QUINTO IS SUPPOSED TO SHOW UP SOON. But not even that is going to get me to stay because like I said: AWFUL. To me, there's not enough of anything to make me want to continue watching and the characters are really awful...but I seem to be in the minority because everyone loves it.
The story is basically about this couple who moves into a new house to work on their marriage because the husband cheated and their daughter is all ~teenage emo angst~ and everyone says shit a lot. So edgy. Also, of course the house is haunted and weird shit happens and there's a housekeeper who's apparently young to some people and old to the rest? IDK. It's...strange.
And wow was this long!