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"Dean’s a lot like you guys. He won’t give up on Cas until he sees a set of wings charred on the ground, so if I was you I wouldn’t give up on either one of them yet. Hold on."
~ Misha on Dean and Cas (Source)
"Now there’s the whole Cas issue. He didn’t get to him in time, he wasn’t able to help him out, to save him. It’s a mound of guilt that has built up on Dean’s shoulders that he carries around with him."
~ Jensen about Dean dealing with Castiel's death/departure (Source)
“I’d take it with me, I’d put it in the trunk of the car, and y’know, I’ll - I’ll take it. Because it’s silly for me - I wouldn’t leave it.”
~ Jensen about the trench coat (Source)

It's slightly reassuring seeing that the actors know more about their characters and the relationships with each other than the actual writers do. I just felt I needed to post these here because despite the fuckery that is happening, the actors know what is up and understand our frustrations, our concerns, and in a sense I feel like if they could take over and do what they feel the characters would do it would be for the better, seeing as how they have a better sense of direction of who these characters are. Like, for example, the interview with Guy Newman Bee talking about what they wanted to do with the trench coat after 7.02 -- Sera Gamble obviously didn't know even after several meetings on the subject, but when asked to Jensen he immediately knew what Dean would do. Like, why should that even be a question? Of course Dean would keep it, there was no other option.
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