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Joss Loves VMars!

Joss Whedon is all fangeeky over Veronica Mars. He updates stating that after having a Veronica Marsathon that he absolutely loves the show and thinks it's brilliant; its dialogue, the climatic plotting, and the emotional trials and tribulations the characters go through. Okay, I've over-phrasing his original statement, but that's how I've interpreted what he was meaning underneath his fannish moments. Such a fanboy, he is.

Geeked out Joss fills me with the ultimate geeker joy of my own, especially since Joss is getting all giddy and praising a series that I love that isn't his own creation. Joss and I also have another thing in common -- we're both latecomers to the show, however our love hit immediately after watching countless episodes.

How much do I love Joss now? Gazillion times more! (Not that I didn't love him prior to this, but you know what I mean.) Spreading the Veronica love, man. ♥
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