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Some awesome news in no particular order...

++ Sarah Michelle Gellar's Ringer has been officially ordered a full season. \O/ Rightfully so, since the show has finally found its footing in the most recent episodes it deserves to have an entire season so we can see what happens next.

++ Additionally, Haven gets a third season!

++ For all Revenge fans out there, there is a new community: revenge_tv.

++ Tricia Helfer lands a leading role for a TNT pilot, Scent of the Missing. Apparently we will be seeing her with a canine partner, and quite frankly my entire process reading this was: TRICIA! PUPPY! TRICIA WITH A PUPPY ON MY SCREEN! OVARIES GO S'PLODE! Besides, this role sounds intriguing and something I'm sure Tricia loved hearing about/auditioning for, being a fierce animal-lover that she is. ♥

++ ATTN: Lust For Love is an independent movie that will be created this December by are lovely Whedon peeps, Fran Kranz, Dichen Lachman, and Maurissa Tancharoen (with the possibility of Enver Gjokaj and Felicia Day), and they need our help to fund the film. It would be really awesome to see this film be the best it can be with such an amazing cast, so please, help in anyway and get the word out.

++ Selena Gomez unleashes her inner Nicki Minaj in this hilariously awesome EMA promo. I find chola!Selena rather hot, I mean seriously. Gurl got some swag goin' on....
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