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26 October 2011 @ 11:19 pm
Revenge: "Intrigue" Episode Review  
Revenge 1.06 "Intrigue"
"They say vengeance taken will tear the heart and torment the conscience. If there's any truth to it, then I now know with certainty that the path I am on is the right one."

Intrigue is certainly the right word for this episode, as the plot thickens and dangers rise for Emily and what she has set in motion. After the incident of finding out that Frank, Victoria's bodyguard, attacked Lydia via the hidden video camera, Nolan informs Emily and she plans on letting Frank's recklessness of his actions bring him down on his own. However there are loose ends, and after being confronted by the Grayson's of his actions Frank attempts on figuring out where the security footage came from....only to find Nolan entering Lydia's apartment. This leads down a path of him being suspicious of Nolan and of Emily, as at the end of the episode he is stalking right outside her house.

First off, as soon as Frank was investigating further I knew that he would find out about Nolan. I was so scared for him, too, knowing how dangerous he can be, with what he did to Lydia and all. D: And now that has got him suspicious of Emily too, and it makes me wonder exactly how far he will go to uncover the truth of her revenge plots -- or what will happen when Emily catches on. O__O

Oh, and I can't believe that Lydia is still alive. She fell from a five-story building!

I don't know what the deal is with Tyler. He's such a douchebag and absolute psychopath. He seems to have his own agenda, and Emily has caught onto it (nearly letting her true self shine during that dinner) and it makes me wonder what it is. What does he want with Daniel? I somehow got the feeling that he might have a crush on his best friend, considering all the trouble he's going into to make sure Emily is painted in the worst light ever despite not even knowing the girl. Plus, he's going to such extremes, like getting Daniel drunk, drugging him, and the last resort which was hitting himself on the head to make it seem like Daniel punched him at the bar. If those aren't clear signs of him being psychotic, I don't know what is. I kinda want Emily to discover who he is and take him down, because even though she let herself go a little bit at that dinner she seemed to know what was up with his elaborate lies about who he is (or rather, who he isn't.) It's gonna be interesting to see how it all plays out, mostly because I want him to be caught red-handed in his own mess.

(It's also interesting since this is the actor who played Thom on Nikita, so seeing him being in this kind of role is quite, um, odd? lol)

I feel so bad for Jack, because it's obvious that Emily returns his feelings and would like something more between them....but she can't sabotage her plans. If she wasn't hell-bent on her mission of revenge she would scream YES! YES I FEEL HE SAME WAY! LET US START OVER! but she can't. She's not Amanda Clarke anymore, and won't be again or until those who destroyed her life are brought down. And honestly, I would love them to be together. ♥

Oh, and I love how Nolan is trying to play matchmaker for them as well -- he's such a shipper, lol. But even though I want them together I know that it would thwart her plans on whatever she has going, since she admitted that Daniel is part of her big plan on taking down Victoria Grayson and is using her son to get close to that objective. Nolan has his heart in the right place, nevertheless. Just if this were a different time, and all that.

Overall, I really liked this episode. The tension just keeps building and building, and I worry about the safety of certain characters I care about. It begs the question how much is gonna be found out and what can Emily do about it, when that time comes when she has to keep her true identity a secret?
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philstar22philstar22 on October 27th, 2011 07:16 am (UTC)
According to one interview I read, Tyler is one of those psychos who first befriends someone and eventually tries to become them. Basically, he wants to be Daniel, which is why he is first trying to remove all other influences from Daniel's life.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes Emily and Jack together. Everyone else seems to be totally for her and Daniel. I do think her and Daniel or interesting, but ultimately she and Jack would have the healthiest relationship. Jack is what she should want, what would bring her peace. Daniel is the means to an end and is too much tied up into her vengeance to ever be healthy.
Renée: Amy Pond. Sleepy.rogueslayer452 on October 27th, 2011 07:26 am (UTC)
Which would explain why he's trying to get in with good graces with Victoria and Conrad, and making Daniel look horrible in the process. The male equivalent of Single White Female, heh. I hope he gets found out, either exposed by Emily or some other way. Although why do I get the feeling that Tyler is the mysterious shooter we see in the pilot?

but ultimately she and Jack would have the healthiest relationship. Jack is what she should want, what would bring her peace. Daniel is the means to an end and is too much tied up into her vengeance to ever be healthy.

Exactly. I do think Emily initially cares for Daniel, but she has made it clear that she is only using him for her own purposes. She and Jack Porter are more healthy, and it's something that Emily needs in her life -- someone honest, someone who doesn't have a load of baggage, whose family isn't tied to the destruction of her own. Jack is the life she wished she had lived, the life that was taken away from her, the life she wants to get back to. I hope in the end that they find their way to each other because they deserve at least that much, right?

Edited at 2011-10-27 07:27 am (UTC)