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Nikita: "Partners" and "Looking Glass" Episode Reviews

Nikita 2.04 "Partners"

What I liked about this episode was how it offered a different ending to someone Nikita was trying to help, which wasn't the ending that she wanted. We know casualties happen but when there's someone in trouble Nikita tries to help them out, get them away, save them. Kelly was her old partner in Division, presumed dead, only there were feelings of betrayal because of Nikita's reckless actions on their mission which led Kelly to believe that Nikita sold her out which got her imprisoned. Their reunion wasn't the greatest, and while Kelly was only doing what she had to do to survive, Nikita had to shoot her to save Alex. She could have saved Kelly had they had more time to convince her, but there wasn't any.

I think this episode spoke a lot about Nikita and her partnerships, she doesn't seem to have a long-lasting sense of them. Either something horrible happens or something goes awry because she thought what she was doing was for their own good, for their own protection. Kelly and Alex, two partners she had and lost. One she couldn't save, while the other still has time to be saved.

The tension is rising higher now that Alex's identity has been discovered. SHIT JUST GOT REAL.

Nikita 2.05 "Looking Glass"

Percy's up to something. What that thing is I don't know, but he's definitely up to no good.

It's interesting the storyline for this episode, about Michael's operation years ago for Division and how his cover unexpectedly brought in a child into the mix. Now, there are things that could go wrong with these kinds of storylines, how they are presented on the screen and something to bring jealousy to an on-screen couple, etc. However something about this show doesn't have the jealousy thing brought up that often, and the matter is handled maturely. There are no love-triangles, no fights or demands from the other, none of those typical games. What happened was all business, and whatever was between Michael and the woman was just that. Business. The little boy, Max, was a result of that business transaction long ago. But what the woman said was right: what good would it do to announce that the boy is Michael's son? The lives they lead, family is their weakest link, they are a liability. Nikita knows this far too well.

We know that Nikita didn't tell Michael about Max. But it's something to really ponder about their lives, and whether Nikita and Michael will ever catch a break. Will they ever get a chance to go off somewhere, away from all this chaos?

I'm liking the Alex and Sean partnership, since they seem to be more or less on the same team now. They're not with Division. They're on their own sides, they are fighting for what they believe is right, regardless whether Division assigned them to something or not. I know that Sean is setup to be Alex's new love interest, and originally I was like meh whatever, but so far I'm liking the dynamic. He sees something in her, he understands she wants revenge and, if she can't have Nikita around to help ground her, I have a feeling that he's a suitable substitute for the job. Not that I don't think Alex is capable of handling herself, but she does need someone there to ground her otherwise she might do something completely reckless.
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