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Fandom: Serenity and Goblet of Fire

Due to the loveliness of Firefly and exclusive clips from Serenity, I was unable to catch another exclusive look at Goblet of Fire which airs on "Extra" during Firefly's airing time on Sci-Fi. Since I cannot miss anything Serenity I decided to wait until the Internet has the exclusiveness, which it has: and can be downloaded here. I, of course, want to know who composed the music featured in this segment and where it's available, because it's beautifully setting the dramatic effect for the film.

Talking Serenity: New Promo Pictures

Gorgeous shot of the ship, Serenity herself. My favorite thing about Joss is that he doesn't allow faulty crappiness entire his Fireflyverse. Everything has to be realistic and purtiful, even though Serenity is a very unorganized transport ship the beauty of it is marvelous. It's not the Alliance technology, but if it can outrun Reavers it definitely is something spectacular (of course there's the combination with Wash and Kaylee being the experts behind that, but Serenity was willing to cooperate with them.) Yep, it's a purtiful ship.

The entire Serenity crew which includes Simon in a shiny blue shirt-material. Quite odd to actually see Simon wearing something that isn't the sophisicated-esque outfits he wore in Firefly, but I haven't seen the movie yet unlike some. So I don't know what's happening in this scene. But, shiny! This was also featured in the trailer, too.

Simon comforting River. Yay, more Tam interaction in this film! Adorable Tams, and quite pretty too. In the trailers you hear Simon all protective of River, but I guess with a dangerously intuitive kicking ass younger sibling you've got to watch your back every now and then, don'tcha Simon? Fragile she may seem, but she'll open a can of Whoop!Ass if you're not careful. Blue Hands, watch out.

Mal, Wash, and Zoe on the bridge. It's all intense, their faces all full of seriousness and then....oh, look! Wash's dinosaurs! Fwheee!!

Spiderwoman!River has massive skills into fooling Alliance folk. Her ballerina-martial arts movements in this film will amaze even the skeptical, trust me (though haven't seen the movie, as said before, have seen the trailers and believe me....River kicks major ass.)

Crew on some planet. Kaylee looking adorable with a kid in her lap, and Jayne's chatting with Book who is, surprisingly, in the film from the looks of this!

My favorite River shot, ever. River: "I want that one. Over there. I mean it. See me glaring -- and pointing. Yeah. That one, over there. It's shiny...and deadly."

Perhaps River is more complex than I thought, but her expression on her face in that final picture is priceless (and I want that outfit she's wearing, too.) It's a mixture of determination and kicking ass, and slight boredom all wrapped into on. But River has all sorts of great expressions -- like in one particular scene from the exclusives last Friday, when she was doing to exact same thing in that picture. And she has that "Duh!" expression on her face when silently questioned by Zoe. Hee! I love River. She's too cute, an enigma, and unpredictable. Also, I can get inside her mind perfectly when writing. She's just...a complex character that's easy yet difficult to write for.

Anyhow, there's plenty of pictures on this site here. Which begs to question: is it September yet?
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