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This has been nagging at my mind lately....

I like Hawaii Five-0. It's a good show, it brings me delight seeing certain aspects of it and I love the family dynamic the entire team have with one another, as I certainly do love Steve and Danny's scenes together for sure. Although I would like to talk about some issues I've been having with this current season. Particularly with the character of Lori, the newest addition to the team.

My issue is more about how the show has been handling her character, making it blatantly obvious about the fact that she's going to be Steve's potential love interest this season, something that they have been shoving at us from the moment she first appeared on the show (when she walks in, the camera goes from her legs and up her body, and Steve glancing over at her constantly drawing attention to yes, he is nonchalantly checking her out) Of course now there's this constant back and forth thing and quite frankly, I'm not feeling it. It seems so out of place and more forced than anything. That moment when she is rambling to Chin about wanting to "get to know" her boss (Steve) better was almost cringe-worthy on how forced that was, only saved by Chin's expression through it all. My issue isn't the fact that she may be a potential love interest, but it's more of how the show is handling the approach. It comes off a little silly and unconvincing.

I also find the comparison of her being the "female McGarrett" kind of a stretch, in my opinion. Is she tough and competent in her job description? Of course. But I don't like that they are attempting to compare both her and Steve as if suggesting that means they are "meant for each other" by any means. I don't know, it just rubs me the wrong way.

Mostly because I would like Lori to be her own character. I like her, but the show is kind of pushing a bit much for this to happen and I'm just not feeling it, at all. She can be so much more than what they're attempting to setup, that's all.

(Never mind that, but isn't Steve already in an established relationship? Or a casual relationship really, and for that storyline to be explained away when she left and taking that "rain check" for their dinner date kind of says that they only did that because of Lori and that doesn't sit right with me, either)

Which brings me to my other point of Rachel. I liked Rachel last season, I liked the progression of Danny and Rachel's relationship went from being separated and aggravated with each other to slowly blooming back their romance that they once had. In a way, I kinda wanted them to work things out via the pregnancy and everything. But come the premiere of this season they explained it away again by saying that she found out the baby wasn't his and we don't see Rachel again. And now he's going out with another woman. I don't know, I don't know if the actress wasn't in the contract and isn't coming back for whatever reason or they are going to bring it up sometime later this season, but I felt like that whole storyline with Steve and Rachel was just dumped when it could have been something great, you know?

I do love this show, but these are the current issues I am having that I hope the show knows what it's doing in regards to this.

In saying that, I rather enjoyed Monday's Halloween episode. Now I hope the mention of Danny crashing at Steve's house becomes a reality after all that hoopla of him finding a place to stay. I mean, the show has officially stated this will happen, but after that episode I just can't not see that whole conversation taking place after the credits rolled.
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