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Nikita: "Clawback" Episode Review

Nikita 2.07 "Clawback"

Alex is right back where she started. She's trapped in Division.

I have to say, watching Alex talking particularly about her mission and about Nikita, it really made me emotional just watching her scenes. She's trying to convince a former childhood friend that she isn't the enemy, that she isn't brainwashed, and trying to reveal things without actually revealing them (since Division was watching), but just seeing her attempt at making sense on how things are really gives you a sense about how complicated things have gotten. Especially how complicated the show is in terms of who these characters are, their motivations and where they currently are at the moment. Alex thought she had it all under control, but it's been crumbling all around her. Now, she's trapped inside the walls of the place she likes the least, the prison she wants to escape.

And of course the never-ending threat of her life, from those who thought she had died and were told she was a traitor to her people.

I really really felt for her in this episode. She is clinging onto the last strand of hope and determination, and she lost a dear childhood friend. Amanda announcing he had been canceled, the look on Alex's face. Her friend had died believing she had been corrupted, that she was working with the enemy. :( Seeing her cry all the way to her old barrack in Division just broke my heart.

Another heartbreaking scene was with Michael and Nikita which, I have a few words to say about that.

I love them together, they are amazing and lovely and give me happy feelings. Of course, those happy feelings are often balanced with the slight bit of angst that happens every now and again between them. Nikita, as we all know, does things with good intentions. She does things in order to protect those she loves and cares about. But this pattern often is very destructive. She withheld information from Alex that pushed her away, and she withheld information from Michael and now there's a threat of this might be pushing him away, as well. I'm not saying that her drugging Michael to prevent him from following her was right, but him getting angry at her for withholding information about Max being his son is kind of a gray area. She couldn't have told him because Cassandra had told her not to tell him, but Cassandra also said that it was up to Nikita to tell him or not. She was literally being placed in a tough position that really wasn't any of her business -- she knew, from her standpoint of living such a life, that telling Michael would only make him distracted and place both Cassandra and Max on Oversight's radar. But she knew that keeping this from him was wrong and it was tearing her apart.

I understand Michael feels slightly betrayed by this, and he's only reacting out of pure emotion because of both these incidents happening. But I felt him saying, "pull a stunt like that again and we're through" was kind of, well, harsh. He says he cares about her as she does with him, and they are in a partnership. Every decision that is made is made together. And I agree with that. However, his reaction, while understandable to have, was kind of extreme when he said the last bit, to be honest.

I just hate seeing them like this, is all. :(
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