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Only Misha would make a video in a public restroom....

++ GISHWHES has finally arrived! Watch Misha's video as he explains what GISHWHES is all about.

Essentially, it's another scavenger hunt like the one he had last year, but more elaborate. I'm still in the process of understanding exactly how to participate, if I do decide on doing so, particularly with the organizing of groups (which people are already assembling their own teams) and uh, yeah. I would like to participate, it seems like such wacky and ridiculous fun, but I don't know if I would have the time/energy/money to do so. We'll see. And anyway, it's Misha Collins. The wackiness that ensues from these things is something he actively endorses anyway. ;)

++ God, Death and a certain Angel rocking it out. We see the adorable Julian Richings dancing as Rob Benedict performing, and Misha doing his ~moves in the background. Short, but sweet and adorable. ♥

++ Summer Glau joins Tricia Helfer in TNT's new series Scent of the Missing! :D :D :D :D

++ Once Upon A Time gets a full-season order! \O/

++ Joss Whedon not only has secretly directed Much Ado About Nothing during the middle of shooting The Avengers, but it was announced that he's working on yet another project: a supernatural love-story called In Your Eyes. This man has just been on fire lately, going from one project to another, sometimes in the middle of a project he is currently working on. IS THERE ANYTHING THIS MAN CAN'T DO?!
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