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"Together, they make one Master of Death."

++ Bought Deathly Hallows Part 2 yesterday, feeling all nostalgic all over again. May or may not have a Harry Potter marathon later. But of course, when I was at the store I saw the BluRay DVDs and there's LUCIUS and DRACO on the cover, never mind all the special features they don't bother putting on the regular DVDs anymore. The unfairness of it all. FML. :/

++ I do have a theory about Crowley: I have seen, based on the various gifs, that Crowley has not bothered to shave since we last saw him last season. He's been getting scruffier and scruffier. Now I don't know whether this is something Mark Sheppard is doing on purpose in terms of his character and for the show or it's for something else entirely and they're just rolling with it, but if it's the former I have some suspicions this might be connected to the Crowley-might-not-be-what-he-appears theory circulating around. Again, despite being a demon we have yet to see his eyes turn black (or red or any other color that demons often flash to show their superiority.) Mark Sheppard has teased us in the past about this, and while I doubt the show will do anything to explore further into that territory, I can't help but Mark is teasing us yet again with this. Just throwing it out there in case anyone else wants to bite at this theory.

++ A little late in the celebration, but I am utterly relieved that the ridiculously stupid and appalling "personhood" amendment failed to pass in Mississippi. Seriously, at least some people in that state are actually sane to not let such a cruel, invasive and disgustingly inhumane bill pass. The same couldn't be said for the incident that happened at Penn State University, which shows the absolute stupidity of humanity. -___-

++ But to end this post on a high note, here is drunk!Misha being adorable and silly while being, well, drunk. ;)
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