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Revenge: "Treachery" Episode Review

Revenge 1.08 "Treachery"
"The past is a tricky thing. Sometimes it's etched in stone, and other times it's rendered in soft memories. But if you meddle too long in deep dark things, who knows what monsters you'll awaken."

I found this episode quite interesting, and it's given me some fascinating new theories to ponder.

The real Emily Thorne and Amanda were cellmates in juvenile detention, which Amanda learned, from the warden, how to gain this girl's trust and use that trust to her advantage, instead of fighting with each other the real Emily would work with her. Amanda knew that one day she would need this girl's help in that sense, and she used such an opportunity to switch identities. When Frank went investigating learning the truth about the switch identities, the real Emily did the only thing she could think of in defending herself and protecting Amanda, which was killing him. Amanda and Emily are now reunited, Amanda trying to find a way of concealing what happened to Frank, tying loose ends and sending the real Emily away for her protection. Of course, by the end of the episode we learn that the real Emily Thorne has other plans, and is staying in the Hamptons.

This leads into some speculation for future events.

The real Emily Thorne seems to have an attachment to Amanda. In her mind, Amanda Clarke was the only person that managed to be her friend. Of course we see in flashbacks Amanda was told to create a friendship with Emily in order to gain this level of trust, but in Emily's mind here was someone that could have been an enemy, but has proven to stick around, to be the best friend she never ever had before. Emily agreed to whatever Amanda was hoping to do at the drop of a dime, because she loved her. I have no doubts that Emily is clinging onto Amanda like a lifeline, and her pleading for Amanda to come with her in this episode was very telling. Of course, Amanda is only looking out for her protection.

But even if she could have started a new life, with a new name, new identity, Emily chose to stay in the Hamptons. That scene with her watching Amanda and Daniel hug inside her home, it was creepy enough, but the look on her face was sad. She wants to stay in the Hamptons because of Amanda. She loves her, and she would do anything to stay at her side.

Of course, this decision definitely isn't for the best. She is connecting with Jack Porter, someone that Amanda has a connection with but can't ever reveal since that would mean revealing her true identity. What is the real Emily still calls herself Amanda Clarke? What is Jack Porter believes that she is the real Amanda? What happens then? What will happen if Amanda finds out about this, what will she do? This leads to a lot of questions about the connection between Amanda and Emily and whether it will be severed because, even though Amanda has a trust embedded with Emily, she is a liability due to her laidback personality. She could slip up. In that flashback with Amanda and the warden, the warden made it clear that Amanda was smarter than everyone around her, most definitely Emily Thorne. Emily could create more trouble for Amanda and her plans.

Also, what if it's actually Emily who shoots Daniel as seen in the pilot?

We know she loves and cares for Amanda, is willing to do anything for her, including killing another person, and unlike Amanda she isn't someone who thinks things through and just reacts. What if she sees Daniel as a threat or sees them having a fight and wants to protect Amanda and does the most reactionary thing imaginable, which is threatening him and (either intentionally or accidentally) killing him? Perhaps is that why Jack is there as well?

This is one possibility. The other is me believing that it's Tyler who shoots Daniel, for getting in the way of his plans of rising up in the Grayson name. But the real Emily Thorne pulling the trigger seems to be another plausible scenario, as well.

Just something worth pondering about, really.
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