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"Bowties are, and always will be, cool!"

++ So, capslock aside I have managed to fully understand everything that happened in last night's episode and I still stand by praising Edlund for giving the fans what we've been wanting all this time. Granted the season is still sloppy and a mess and is a huge DNW in general, but there was something worth by mentioning Castiel in the right manner by acknowledging him being a dear friend, and Dean not being Dean because of it such a huge loss. Thank you, Edlund. ♥

++ I am, sadly, not participating in GISHWHES, however I wish everyone who is good luck! :D

++ I did a little friendslist clean-up over the last few days. Nothing major, just communities and journals that haven't updated in over two or three years or those who I haven't communicated with at all/have nothing of common interests anymore. I'm getting a lot of spambots randomly friending me though, that's a little disconcerting. :S In general, LJ hasn't been much of an interactive beacon lately between all the screw-ups the site has been experiencing lately, hence me spending a lot of time on Tumblr. But I'm hoping that gets redeemed though, since I miss talking with you guys.

++ Matt Smith as the Doctor in the Children In Need skit + DOCTOR WHO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL TRAILER!!!

THE DOCTOR + NARNIA-INSPIRED CHRISTMAS SPECIAL? MOFFAT WHAT ABSOLUTE BRILLIANCE HAVE YOU DONE THIS TIME? Also, nice little fanservicey skit considering it's a benefit and the need for bidding on his clothes, lol. Awesometastic. "Bowties are, and always will be, cool!" Yes indeed, Doctor. Indeed they always will. ♥
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