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Alternative scene/ending for the Malfoys?

This is a deleted scene, or rather one of the alternative endings for the Malfoys, which they shot but wasn't used in the final cut of the film (watch it here, starts @ 7:00m).

Shipping reasons aside (because I loves me some Harry/Draco ♥), there is quite a blowup on Tumblr right now on how they should have kept this scene as it would have shown Draco's character growth about going to the good side instead of running away like a "coward" and all of this hoopla. Which I greatly disagree with.

As much as I would have liked to see how the film would have done it differently by having Draco stay with the students of Hogwarts instead of going over to the Death Eaters, or switched sides once realizing that Harry was alive and fought beside him and whatnot, I just don't see how that could have fit with the ending they ultimately chose. Which was about family. The entire point, that is the essential piece that brought it all together was how reluctant Draco when he was called to walk across the courtyard. We knew that he didn't support Voldemort. He did it because of his mother calling after him, because he loves his family. Also, I don't like how people seem to think the Malfoys running away in the end is a bad thing. How is it bad by getting the hell out of dodge and saving your family? They had a change of heart, they no longer supported this war. They got their family back together, and they were leaving. I think it's one of the most courageous moments for them and the best ending for all of them to have, in my opinion. As much as I would have preferred them to go by the book ending for them, in film!canon I wouldn't change anything about the ending the Malfoys got. Well, aside from getting more Lucius/Narcissa moments since the films were seriously lacking in that department.
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