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"It's a ritual sacrifice. With pie."

++ My laptop contracted a very nasty virus. It took hours to get rid of, and while it's gone now everything got screwed up. I've dealt with viruses before but the inconvenience of it plus having to reinstall nearly everything is a pain in the ass. Not gonna lie, that frustration feeling always happens whenever this occurs. There are still things that need to be done but I'm leaving it alone for right now, and I'm using my desktop computer which, I have still use regardless (it holds a lot more than my laptop) but I realize that Tumblr moves really slowly on it. Like, my scroll bar thinks I'm moving it so the bar itself gets smaller and smaller and I can't even move or see anything on my dash. Yeah, I know, worrying about the things that really matter in life, right?

++ Seeing pictures of Misha, Vicki and West in Pasadena with the GISHWHES people being silly and random and adorable makes me very happy. Jealous and happy.

++ The more and more I see of The Hunger Games, the more and more I am anticipating next year.

++ Thanksgiving wasn't really eventful, but these days it never is anymore. I went out to lunch but that's about it, really. Much like Halloween it's not a holiday we celebrate unless there's a particular reason to. Christmas, however, is entirely different story altogether. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. It's my favorite time of the year. ♥

++ REMINDER: CHRISTMAS CARDS STILL OPEN. If you want one and haven't given me your address, go to that post. ;)
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