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Fandomosity: Jossverse (Firefly, BtVS, BDM), Potterisms, VMars

-♠- Can't Stop The Signal: The Signal has posted another podcast episode, this one includes an interview with Greg Edmonson, the man behind the fantastic music in Firefly, and the "Funeral Music" that was featured in "The Message" episode. There is also a very indepth and insightful look into the science of the Fireflyverse.

-♠- Bloody Hell: There is some talk for a Spike TV movie, although nothing is legit quite yet, it sounds promising and uplifting for BtVS fans alike. Tim Minear had immediately said that he is willing to produce a Spike movie when asked by Joss, though it's still early with the decision so there's no telling if this idea will come through or not. But speaking as a long-time Buffy fan, I'm definitely for a Spike made-for-TV movie (if it's possible.) Was hoping for a Faith featured film, more backstory about her life prior or after her slayer days, but anything dealing with any character of the Buffy sounds sweet to me. Which reminds me: Happy (Belated) 43rd birthday, James Marsters!

-♠- Just Keep Walkin' Preacher Man: Delightful interview with Ron Glass who plays Shepherd Book on Firefly. Just to note that I listened to the interview he did with The Signal, and he's definitely a wonderfully talented man, with such a booming powerful laugh! Can't help but smile.

-♠- "I Can See You...": From a viral marketing for Serenity comes a very morbid and creepifying clip featuring River and possibly her in stay inside the Alliance facility. Downloadable version here (right-click save target as): R. Tam, Session 416 - Second Excerpt. Guess there is truth to the "I can kill you with my brain" theory after all....

-♠- The Amazing Bouncing Ferret: New pictures of Draco, Goyle, and Krum and Ron talking with Professor Moody. Also, there's a hi-res of Harry, Dumbledore, Mad-Eye Moody, and Karkaroff right after Harry's name was called from the Goblet of Fire (notice Dumbledore possibly scolding angrily, and Harry has this "I didn't do it!" expression.) Hee!

-♠- The Bitch Is Back: Charisma Carpenter joins the cast of Veronica Mars' second season, playing Kendall Casablancas, the trophy wife and stepmother of Dick and Beaver Casablancas. According the the article and confirmed sources, Charisma will appear for all of six episodes of VMars. For those skeptical is this will come through or not, Charisma attended the Comic-Con with the VMars cast which can be seen here.

39 Days left and counting!
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