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I'm watching Scream 4 again because it's been a current obsession with me, well I love the entire Scream franchise in general, and from the DVD commentary there was something that really has me pondering and hoping for the future:

On the DVD commentary Hayden actually mentions the ambiguous ending for Kirby and says that her character wasn't supposed to have died in the movie. That was not in her contract when she signed on. And in fact, because the way the film was cut there's always the assumption that she could still be alive, just hanging on much like Sidney was at the end. So this has me hoping -- hoping, wishing, praying -- that they take that into consideration of how the script was originally instead of the theatrical cut that Kirby really truly survived so Hayden can return for the fifth movie. And yes, I am totally and completely biased. I really really loved Kirby, like out of the new generation she was by far my favorite. She was a mixture of Randy and Tatum, horror movie buff and just sassy and flat-out awesome.

With that said, I guess I'm apprehensive about a possible Scream 5, mostly because Scream 4 did very well and that is very rare to do by revisiting the franchise many years later and be just as good. The fourth did something very familiar that brought up the franchise again, being about the cliches and rules about remakes, so it makes me wonder how a fifth will top that or follow in that formatting. We had a trilogy, the remake, what comes after that? Are they planning on making another trilogy out of the new generation? Is anyone from the original going to die, like truly meet their demise for good?

See, these are the things I think about, because I love these movies so much I don't want them to disappoint by overstepping their own rules, you know?
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