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Hawaii Five-0: "Kiʻilua" Episode Review

This episode was quite intense, it continued the seasonal arc surrounding Wo Fat and what Steven has been investigating about his father and what connections his father had with Wo Fat and the former mayor. It's something we haven't seen in several episodes so you have to refresh your memory on what is going on with this new investigation and the codename of Shellbourne. Something Wo Fat desperately wants information on. Jenna makes her return in this episode, asking Steve for his help in making a ransom transaction to those holding her fiance hostage in North Korea. He agrees, but then things take a drastic turn when Wo Fat captures him and Five-0 have to go on a rescue mission -- without permission -- to get him out.

I knew that Jenna wasn't really working with Wo Fat willingly, she was doing so to ensure the safety of her fiance. Who, as it turns out, was killed long ago and his corpse was deteriorating in the locker room. Wo Fat was only using Jenna through manipulation to get to Steve. Jenna was willing to do anything to get her fiance back, was willing to hold onto that hope that he was still alive and do whatever it took. Even if it meant lying to Steve and the rest of the team. Was she being reckless and naive in believing someone like Wo Fat? Yeah she was, but desperate times called for desperate measures. She was doing her own research in hoping the information was true, hence the reporter at the beginning of the episode. She did everything she thought she could do, but everything was tainted because Wo Fat is a mastermind in manipulation. He emotionally blackmailed her to get what he wanted, and once she understood this she did whatever it took to help Steve escape, and to get the bastard who did this to both of them.

It's a damn shame that she had to die, since I always felt Jenna was more of a match for Five-0 than Lori currently is, but in my honest opinion, she died a hero.

I just wished they could have taken her body back to the mainland. They might have later, but at this point they were civilians in foreign territory on a personal mission without proper jurisdiction, there was no time in going back. I just feel like Jenna deserves better and to be labeled a hero instead of being considered a traitor, you know? She deserves at least that much. I'm just really gonna miss her. ;___;

I also wish that Kono had been there at the end with them in the helicopter, celebrating that they got Steve back. I hate that they left her out yet again. :/

I did, however, enjoy that Danny was very concerned over Steve. He knew something was wrong, he was worried even before he went to North Korea, and that he found him and when Steve was asking about Wo Fat he just went, "Just shut up, would you?" all affectionately because Steve was okay he was alright and Danny is relieved and he doesn't want to think about Wo Fat or anything just other than Steve is okay. Just everything about these two. ♥
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