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Meet my new girlcrush. ♥

I have been watching almost all of Jennifer Lawrence's interviews and I have absolutely fallen in love. This interview in particular really gives off how down-to-earth and hilarious she is, while maintaining a level-head being in the business that she is in. The way she gives her answers, I think even the interviewer was taken aback by them because she doesn't answer in the conventional manner most actors would, especially young actors in Hollywood. Most actors tend to give the same kind of answer to things just phrased differently, but Jennifer gives a different approach that is very open and honest. I think it's refreshing seeing someone in the acting business, and so young too, give their impressions of the business itself, how she doesn't really think about superficial things or worry about a lot of things other actors tend to worry about, her views about acting and how she approaches roles and her interest with film in particular. She's just very open and honest and real, and I think she's got a great head on her shoulders and will go far in her career.

And yes, I have developed a crush on her because of these interviews. Her personality is adorable. ♥
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