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The Glorious Ponds....

With the recent news release, it's going to be sad seeing Amy and Rory leave Doctor Who. It's understandable given the structure of the show, companions come and go, and it's about the same length that Rose stayed on the show (Martha and Donna only had one series), but it's still depressing nonetheless. It's like I associate the Eleven with the Glorious Ponds, they are essentially family. The actors too, since they all kind of grew up on the show together since they all started in Series Five so it's going to be difficult seeing that breakup, even though we all knew it was coming eventually. Plus, I know that what Moffat said ("I'm not telling you when or how, but that story is going to come to a heartbreaking end.") coincides what Karen commented previously on how she wanted Amy's exit to happen on the show. It's just that I love the mad, impossible and glorious Ponds, all of them, and while I can handle them departing from the show I don't think I can handle them going out in a devastating manner.

I have loved all the companions but Amy and Rory were the best companions that I have grown emotionally attached to. I guess this is what it's like for any Whovian when there's a character you are attached to but know that someday they will have to leave.

But I have faith that however it happens it will remain true to the characters. This show can be heartbreaking and sad in a beautiful way. I can only hope Moffat does the Glorious Ponds justice in their final days this new series.

In saying that, I can't wait for the Christmas special! ♥
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