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LJ is the Grinch that stole Christmas, indeed. :/

More details regarding the recent fucked up shenanigans that has been happening. Everyone is still upset about the new changes LiveJournal did with the settings, receiving 9,000+ comments on the release page and over 1,000 on their news page. They say they are "considering" our feedback about the new settings, unfortunately until we seem so dramatic proof that they are, indeed, listening to us and that they are going to fix this mess I am not believing in anything they are saying.

Lately there seems to be a huge blowup concerning igrick, who apparently is the head of LiveJournal Russia, and his unprofessional and mocking behavior towards other users. Here is a translation of the exchanges and his words, along with more information about the other changes the site has made this year which affects its users.

Ways You Can Get Your Voice Heard

Sign the petition and spread it around, get it to as many LJ users as possible.

rollback88 has a poll regarding these changes. Fill it out and pass it around.

Comment on their news and release feeds if you haven't already. Let them know how you feel directly, or leave a direct comment in their feedback.

I'm still researching more on what has been going on, keeping tabs on everything and finding other ways on voicing our complaints and making sure that the people running the site hear us. I know it's a long-shot considering their lack of concern over our concerns and opinions, but we can at least try. Granted it's not going to magically happen overnight, since that shit takes time to revert to the old setting, but hopefully it all goes back to normal before or just after the new year. I'm giving them that amount of time frame before I am going all Lima Heights again.
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