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◦⊹◦ Merry Christmas, my lovelies! ◦⊹◦

Even though it was yesterday, it's my philosophy that the holidays remain until the end of the year. ;)

Christmas was the same, only with a little extra stress on my end on getting things in order (shopping shenanigans, almost all my Christmas lights were burnt out or causing trouble so the hassle of getting new ones and finding none was hectic and stupid), but all in all it was the regular traditions: Christmas Eve with my mom, Christmas Day with my dad, having home-cooked meals and opening presents on both days. It's the usual mellow holiday celebration for us. Got my haul of presents, including a lot of DVDs, books (why isn't Catching Fire in paperback yet? Like seriously...), a TARDIS mug, the Caprica pilot soundtrack, the BSG piano solo soundtrack, and other goodies. Watched A Muppet Christmas Carol on the Eve and watched the Doctor Who Christmas special on the Day and I'd say it was a rather nice all around. Quiet, laidback, but lovely all the same. I'm hoping everyone else's was just as wonderful.

As for Christmas cards, thank you so much: allodole, philstar22, xlamentcasx, isarae, icecoldrain, space_dementia6, dusk_light (with your MISH-MAS surprise, lol), gwaevalarin (made me all weepy because, d'awww Cas, ty bb ♥), wordsleadmeon (yes it did make me smile ^_^), mercury973 and lynnylou. ♥ ♥ ♥

I sent my cards a little later than I intended, just about a week ago, so I hope people got theirs or are getting theirs before the year ends.
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