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Pretty Little Liars: "Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 2.14 "Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares"

After the mid-season hiatus, Pretty Little Liars returns in its winter premiere and it comes back with a bang. From the Liars and their sneakiness to shocking reveals.

The premiere begins a month after the events from the mid-season finale. The girls are finishing up their community service, after a few finagling from Spencer's mother who got them a deal with the police. There is something up between Emily and the other girls, either they aren't speaking and just giving each other cold glares or they are speaking but it's a nasty tone. From what we learned, Emily wanted to make a deal with A, but Spencer and the others refused to give in. This supposedly caused a rift between them. Fortunately though, it was all a ploy. The girls devised a plan to make everyone think they were against each other to trick A. Finally, after all this time, the girls are wising up fighting back with a vengeance. Emily was the bait, she needed A to believe that she has something valuable and worth bargaining for, and they were all going to trap A in the greenhouse and reveal who it was. Or, at least that was the plan, since this show loves to create complications for their characters there were severe cockblocks to that party. Luckily they all got away just in the nick of time to stop A from attacking Emily.

Unfortunately, A got away yet again. I really felt Spencer's frustration when she yelled, "We got nothing!" Because after all that strategic planning, they didn't get the outcome they wanted. However, they did get something valuable: A's cellphone.

This isn't a red-herring or anything, judging from the ending credits scene A was definitely upset by losing that phone. Hopefully there's a clue or something valuable worth checking out to get them one step closer to discovering who A is. Of course it could just be the texts that were sent to them, but it could have other information, like tracking down where the phone was purchased, who bought it, etc. Perhaps they can go further in their sneaky-detective skills in figuring that part out, as well. I hope, since this mid-season premiere brought everything up to eleven for the girls and this streak will remain.

It makes you wonder though, how pissed off will A be at them? How much more hell can they give the girls after what they did? You all know A can be ruthless and unforgiving, so this makes me nervous.... O_o

Other Things I Liked:

++ The beginning scene, with them doing their community service and the fight between Spencer and Emily. I knew about them being in orange jumpsuits and the fight based on the promo stills, however it was better than I imagined. It was interesting and confusing because it made me wonder what was happening between them, and the way they set it up was genius. Even though yeah there was a sense that something was up, the fact they jumped a month ahead anything could have happened between them. So that fight was very well done and believable.

++ Foreshadowing: the connection of Spencer and Alison.

++ Emily's sassiness in the episode. I always loved bitchy!Emily and she brought it all in this episode. From the fighting to her confronting A in the greenhouse, she had a lot of badassery here and I loved every moment of it.


++ Lucas. I love how he and Hanna are still friends and that he's still housing Caleb whenever he comes back into town, of course you can tell he really cares about Hanna and wants to make sure that Caleb knows where he wants to go so he doesn't keep Hanna waiting. I just think it's rather sweet of him, keeping an eye on Hanna and checking up with Caleb.

++ Outsmarting A. Brilliant setup, the ending was very intense. I can only hope that the rest of the season measures up.

Things I Didn't Like:

++ Ezra Fitz. He's such a fucking dumbass, it's unbelievable. Just when I thought I couldn't hate him more. -__- YOU DON'T JUST GO AND TELL ARIA'S PARENTS THAT YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH THEIR TEENAGE DAUGHTER YOU FUCKWAD. I AGREE WITH THAT NASTY EX OF YOURS, HOW THE FUCK DID YOU EXPECT THEM TO REACT? ACCEPT THIS NEWS WITH OPEN ARMS? COULDN'T YOU HAVE JUST WAITED IT OUT UNTIL ARIA WAS OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL OR SOMETHING? Yeah, I still hate this stupid storyline because it really lowers the IQs of everyone involved.

++ Spencer and Toby. :( It's sad because we know why Spencer couldn't have said anything, but at the same time you want her to reveal the truth to him. It's all super complicated and I hope things get cleared for them in the future (by the future, I mean the next episode....)

++ Hanna's father being a douchebag. I liked him before, but now he's only getting back at Hanna by moving his new wife and stepdaughter out to Rosewood. Just that look on his face was like, "you ruined things for me? I'll ruin things for you, see how you like it" which yeah, no. Fuck you. I hope Kate doesn't mess with Hanna, but you know that shit is gonna happen. :/

Overall: An intense mid-season premiere, so hopefully it measures up for the rest of the season. I heard rumors that they might be revealing who A is at the end of the season. Or give more clues and give more answers to them finding out very very soon thereafter. In any case, I'm happy this show is back. :)
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