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++ Remember that blasphemous Buffy reboot movie that enraged so many of us fans? Well, as it turns out the writer was fired and the project is being halted, hopefully for good. I, for one, am utterly relieved by this because aside from the entire cast and Whedon himself voicing their displeasure of such a project being made, never mind the entire fanbase being angry at this decision in the first place, the writer apparently wanted to reinvent the lore completely. This is practically an insult to the character that Joss created, the world he created, and seriously why would you even think about reinventing something that already has a richness? I am so happy they rejected the script and fired her, and hopefully this reboot never ever sees the light of day.

++ PLEASE TELL ME THIS MEANS WHAT I THINK IT MEANS. :O While I'm no longer watching the show, they better do this right or else. Just saying.

++ I'm really psyched about Awake, and I want to get the word out as much as possible. For those who don't know, it's the new NBC series that will be premiering mid-season (it took a break from filming briefly to rework the creative process) and it stars Jason Isaacs, and the entire premise is so complex and interesting and because this will be on NBC, and networks in the U.S. are incredibly nitpicky about ratings and making the big bucks, and like most things that are innovative and thought-provoking it might get overlooked and pushed aside. I don't want that to happen. It isn't airing yet so I hope that people will start looking into what the show is about and get psyched up about it and tell other people to do the same, because television needs to start getting some diversity in their programs and adding something different and complicated, yet fascinatingly good, like the concept of Awake, is definitely a start.

I highly recommend watching the Comic Con panel for Awake with the creators and Jason Isaacs giving further insight on what you can expect from the show. Some amazing ideas are being produced so I hope it does well.

(Also as a sidenote, notice how delightfully adorable and charming Jason is, I mean he always is but this being his first convention ever he was pleasantly surprised by how intelligent the audience was with asking their questions regarding the show, better than some interviewers he's encountered! ♥)
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