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Indecision 2012: Presidential Election

Michele Bachmann (thankfully) drops out of the presidential race.

Can't say I'm surprised, her entire campaign was a huge joke to begin with so it was only a matter of time before she dropped out. Good riddance, I say. However, this doesn't mean that the remaining GOP candidates aren't as scary, perhaps even scarier, with their views in their campaigning. Many are blatantly exhibiting their racist, sexist, homophobic, hatred and discrimination views so openly and proudly, and what's even more disturbing is how many people (mostly old, white folks) are buying into these things since it caters to their own paranoia and hatred and discriminative views.

What's worse, though, is how many (young) people are misinformed by some of these candidates.

I urge many of my fellow Americans to look up the candidates campaigning for the presidency, all the candidates from both sides. Don't go by just what you heard, but actually do thorough research on them, be knowledgeable on what they support, what they don't support, their personal views and how they may or may not be enforcing those views in their campaign (i.e. their religious agenda), etc. Since many young people are fed misinformation without doing proper research, this ignorance is potentially very dangerous in these kinds of elections. We all know what happened with the Kelly Clarkson incident, and it's way more common than you'd think. So get the facts and proper information through extensive research, don't rely on anyone else deciding for you, and make up your own mind on where you swing in the elections.
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