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Hawaii Five-0: "Ka Hoʻoponopono" Episode Review

Hawaii Five-0 2.13 "Ka Hoʻoponopono"

So the second season has been focusing on this dynamic between Steve McGarrett and his mentor, Joe White, and the secrets that Joe is obviously hiding. I'll be honest, the second season has been kind of slagging behind on the mysteries focusing on Steve investigating further into his father and his connection with Wo Fat and the identity of Shelburne. Last season while they still handled episodic episodes there was still a level of mystery with Steve and his father's toolbox and his investigation with who his father was getting involved in. This season we have an idea, but the clues are slowly getting revealed and we have too many questions with not enough unraveling, if you know what I mean.

We know that Joe White is up to no good, we know he is hiding something. But we need more answers something to occur instead of things we already know.

Steve being in denial, while frustrating, is understandable given that Joe was his mentor and father-figure so it would be difficult to believe something when you've known that person for that long. But I think Steve knows that Joe isn't being truthful and hiding something important from him, and he's been trying to get the answers out of him, possibly hoping that Joe would tell him of his free will before he starts investigating on his own and catching his mentor red-handed in a web of lies and betrayal. We've seen him looking at Joe in disbelief about not telling him what is going on, refusing to let him in on what he's doing, so it's only a matter of time before we see Steve taking matters into his own hands at finding out the truth. I just hope they do it soon, because it's getting kind of tiring of waiting for something new to be revealed.

Things I Liked In This Episode:


++ "You're an animal." Despite the severe lack of Danny and Steve interaction in this episode, the moments they shared were priceless. Steve doing his amazing unorthodox interrogation with Danny making his "you're an animal" comment was the best. Second best is them interrogating the principal and Danny threatening in punching him about admitting on having a relationship with one of the students, because both of them were angered that this was happening and both looked like they wanted to punch the man.

The mysterious Shelburne is a someone, not a codeword or a place, but a person. This is a person that Wo Fat fears and that desperately wants to know information on and the location of. In my opinion, there can only be one person that could this could possibly be.

Steve's mother.

When you think about it, it just makes more and more sense. Steve's father starting his investigation just after the bombing of the car, and during his investigation his father, as we see from the hidden camera footage, he mentioned the name Shelburne to Wo Fat and he went stiff, wondering how he heard of the name of "Shelburne." We don't see his reaction or hear what he's saying, but there's indication that Steve's father either might be trying to get information out of Wo Fat about Shelburne or actually knew who Shelburne was. Also, Joe White was appointed to watch over and protect Steve, which he has done, but we know he is keeping something from him. He calls a mysterious someone after it is revealed to Steve that Shelburne is actually a person, and says into the phone, "Steve is getting too close, we have to move you." If you recall, this is said amongst similar lines last season with Steve continuing his father's investigation.

We also know that if Steve digs deeper into his family's history, he's not going to like what he might find. This was a warning to him several times throughout the show.

So, the conclusion that his mother is someone involved in something bigger and more dangerous seems highly plausible at this point. There seems to be a pattern when you think about it, before he trusted the governor but she turned out to be a traitor, and he trusted Joe White and it turns out he's keeping something big from him as well. Both could be involved in this web of lies and secrets and don't want Steve to continue investigating further, knowing the kind of danger he's in. Wouldn't it be a huge shocker to discover that his own mother is behind everything? Behind his father's death, whether intentional or not, and part of a bigger crime than he would ever imagine? I think it would be something unexpected to unveil this, since the show needs something of a huge shock in that reveal since we're going at a slow pace at this point.

That was longer than I intended, lol. I don't have many theories regarding this show, just some opinions and watching for the pretty cast, but this was one that I have been thinking and theorizing about for a while now. Ever since the introduction of Shelburne it makes me think even more about the patterns and what the show might be doing, or how long they drag this storyline out.

I've also been reading a lot of people's opinions regarding Lori's character, like there are discussions and discussions on this in communities and elsewhere amongst the H50 fandom since it still is a hot issue. While I've made my own opinion on this matter very clear, I still feel incredibly sorry for the actress since she's receiving a huge backlash by the fans, and all because it's how the show decided to handle her character in the worst possible way. It's depressing, and it makes me shake my head thinking that they should have been better at that. :/
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