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Pretty Little Liars: "A Hot Piece Of A" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 2.15 "A Hot Piece Of A"

As predicted, the show has continued its intense streak from the mid-season premiere. The beginning of the episode starts where the last one ended, the girls going back into the greenhouse in a rush panic figuring out what to do with A's cellphone, which is locked. The decision is made that they contact Caleb to crack the information on the phone. Only a few files were salvaged, one which reveals a picture of the creepy dolls that were sent to them.

But things take an unexpected, shocking turn in the middle of the episode.

It is revealed that Lucas has been a part of this game. For how long, we don't know, but due to Emily and Spencer being assigned community service at a crisis hotline, they discover not only a transcript describing something similar to their mysterious person losing their cellphone but also identifying the voice as Lucas, who sounded upset and determined. When they tell Hanna she doesn't believe them, but during the surprise birthday party she is throwing for Caleb she gets the unexpected turn of events. Leaving her, and most of us, stunned and wanting to know precisely what was going on with him.

For how long has this been going on? Why did he start acting this way all of the sudden? Was it because of the lost phone? Was he recruited to be a secondary mysterious person? Or is this all just another red-herring?

In my opinion, I don't think it's a red-herring, but there's definitely more to this story than meets the eye, for sure. I don't think Lucas is A, but I think A has been recruiting many people to impersonate them and get back at the girls, especially if these people disliked or were victims of Alison. Lucas in this episode seemed rather distraught, he was sweaty and anxious, as though he, too, were being watched. Even in the transcript from the crisis hotline the conversation sounded as though he was afraid of what might happen if he didn't go through with what needed to be done, like someone was going to come after him. We know that Lucas hated Alison, we know that he had a huge grudge against her, that she teased and taunted him, he destroyed the fountain memorial back in S1 because he didn't want to be reminded of her, and in the Halloween episode we saw that Lucas vowed that she would get what was coming to her, and then we saw him wearing that creepy mask when he viciously bumped into her calling her a bitch. Spencer was right, it would have been way too easy to convince Lucas to join a crusade in getting back at the girls that were associated with Alison based on all this alone.

On the other hand, Lucas befriended Hanna. He likes her, a whole lot. It reminded me of what happened with the Caleb situation, Jenna had recruited him to find out about the hard drive but he stopped their arrangement because he got too close to Hanna, he loved her. The same could have happened to Lucas. His crush on Hanna might have stopped him completely, but his face in this episode, particularly when they were in the was like he was trying to picture Alison in the place of Hanna, doing what he needed to do, whatever that thing was.

This is yet another piece of the puzzle we still have to figure out. All I can tell you is that it was highly intense and baffling of an episode, having me at the edge of my seat for what was going to happen next.

Other Things I Liked In The Episode:

++ I thought the beginning, with them running back into the greenhouse, was really very good. The high tension, quick banter between them, the franticness of the situation, it really connected both episodes very well.

++ "....That was my Nana's couch." That line made me laugh, just the way it was delivered, lol.

++ SPENCER AND TOBY. ♥ I knew they weren't going to stay apart for long, they are too cute together to let that happen. Although I still want Spencer to clue Toby in on what is happening, same with Hanna to Caleb. I know it could potentially be a bad thing considering how A knows how to manipulate situations and put them in danger, but when you think about how both Toby and Caleb have been manipulated by the same person (Jenna) they should at least know something. They could help out the girls, make them feel less alone. But then again you think about what happened to Dr. Sullivan and, well, I don't think the girls would forgive themselves if anything happened to Toby or Caleb. It's incredibly frustrating and complicated because they want to know and help them out, they want to understand at least why they have to be shut out, but you know why they can't.

++ I really loved how Ashley Benson played Hanna in this episode, her performance of being stressed out with too many things on her mind. Between the Kate thing, the A thing, the Caleb thing and then the Lucas thing, you know that this was all too much for her to process and keep straight. Although her realizing that Lucas wanted to harm her, or something to that effect, is really going to add something new to her list in the next episode. :( My poor bb.

++ The Montgomery's: I love them. I hate Aria and Ezra together and always will, but I have to applaud the Montgomery's for taking control and being rational when things could have spiraled out of control very, very fast. I think this is all due to Ella being the center of the family, keeping things together while still maintaining strict control over Aria and putting her foot down. This is good parenting. This is her letting her daughter know where she stands, and her wanting to protect her daughter from further scrutiny after what has recently happened in to her.

Things I Hated/Disliked:

++ I hated how naive and immature Aria has been with this whole situation though, with her hopeful wish that her mother would be coming around to accept her with a former teacher. ARE YOU USING YOUR BRAIN CHILD? THAT IS NOT WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE AND YOU KNOW IT. This is of course a further example that even if she has feelings for someone, her IQ drops immediately when she is with them, because she knows better than this. She might have grown up too fast after her dealings with A, but she's still very naive during this whole thing and it's really really really frustrating to watch her. She even tries to convince her mother, "did you like him (Ezra Fitz)?" As if admitting to that would change everything. Um, yeah, of course she did Aria, she thought he was a good guy until she learned that he was having an inappropriate and unlawful relationship with her teenage daughter for months without even knowing, thereby breaking so much trust!

This whole thing infuriates me so much because Aria just ends up not using her common sense. It's like saying that being in love means not being rational or having any common sense, and people trying to say, "oh it's just like Romeo and Juliet, parents breaking them apart" makes me wanna punch a wall. NOT THE FUCKING SAME THING.

Sorry. I just hate the Aria/Ezra storyline and I wish they would just get rid of it for good because it seriously boils my blood just watching them together. :|

I've also read some spoilers (tried not to, but couldn't resist) for what we're to be expecting for the duration of the season, and let me just say that this is just the tip of the iceberg. We're going to be getting into some really intense stuff and if these last two episodes were anything, shit is getting real and we're in for quite a ride. And I honestly can't wait. \O/
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