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It's like a multi-fandom s'plosion!

For those who were living underneath a rock yesterday, Misha Collins appeared on The Soup, the half-hour comedy-satire show on E! that mocks current pop culture happenings, hosted by Joel McHale (Community). Misha, followed by Joel himself and several other sources, confirmed his appearance before it aired last night. He was joined by other guest-appearances of Lucy Lawless and Liam McIntyre (both from Spartacus: Blood and Sand) and, well, hilarity ensued. Obviously. Including epic moments like the one above, which there should be no context needed considering Misha and Liam are all chummy and Lucy has no objections to that, and Joel looks vaguely perplexed and also jealous, considering there seems to be some mancrushing shortly thereafter:

Just make out already!

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised seeing him on this -- and ultimately ended up flailing like the fangirl that I am -- because, besides Stonehenge Apocalypse, isn't this the first thing we've seen him in since he has been on Supernatural? It makes me very proud to see him rising up in the world and being recognized elsewhere on such shows like this, but also sad at the same time. Because the show that made him well-known practically kicked him out, disowned by the evil stepmother who deemed him too "boring" and "redundant", so now he's searching for a new home and for someone else to take him in, but it's hard in the business. I could go on forever on why this depresses and angers me, so this is why seeing him on The Soup makes me hopeful.

We already know he's going to be guest-starring on Ringer, now I want him to guest-star on Community if nothing else to see more interaction between him and Joel. Also, just to appear on many, many other shows and further his career in the best way possible. ♥

Quick thoughts on Misha's appearance:
** He's incredibly attractive, like even more than usual, and I approve

** Misha and Joel McHale interacting with each other, flirting, being adorable and hilarious together. Same with Misha and Liam being all over each other. Hell, Misha just intensifies all the sexual energy in the room, doesn't he? Everyone wants a piece of him, lol

** Misha's angry!face is a huge turn on. I can't explain it.

** It always has to involve his penis in some fashion, doesn't it? lol

** Someone else pointed out that The Soup promoted Supernatural more times in thirty minutes than the CW network has in seven years. Sad, but painfully very true.

In case you've missed it, you can view a clip right here or you can get the full thing here.

To sum everything up, I honestly hope Misha gets more exposure like this, because he truly deserves the recognition for being a multi-talented, versatile actor and an incredible human being. I am crossing my fingers for more surprise appearances in the near future.
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