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MegaUpload has been shut down.

I shouldn't be surprised considering the threats that have been happening lately, along with the convenient timing these people have with the upcoming decision of the SOPA bill tomorrow. I will however admit to be shocked and baffled at them shutting down the biggest file-sharing site on the Internet, seeing as how many people thought it would be impossible. Of course that is was before they realized they could shut down the entire site completely instead of targeting every individual person as they do with peer-to-peer file sharing networks.

This kind of changes things, but it also doesn't change anything at the same time.

They tried this before, not just online sharing sites like Napster and Kazaa but also back in the day with VCRs and cassette tapes, the government will try to find ways of taking piracy, in any form, away. Eliminating the sources. Unfortunately for them, the more you take away, the more the people get creative and find other methods of sharing these things. I think these people tend to forget that times are changing, we live in a digital world now, technology is advancing and there is no way you can censor the Internet like this. This is why the SOPA bill cannot be passed. Apparently the government has been tracking down MU for a while, imagine all your sites being censored and shut down. Our freedoms, or ways of communicating, of sharing things that are otherwise unavailable to us, will cease to exist.
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