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Time goes by fucking slowly for 3 hours

First day at the new school. I had to leave the house around 10:30am in the morning and walk to the campus, although tomorrow I'll probably go around 10:45 because today was just a test drive to see how long it took me to walk from the house to the school. Fortunately, I arrived there about 11:00am - so that means that either my pace was faster or my mind was elsewhere which slowed down time. I don't know, it's weird.

However I've got to say that I had a very unexpected enjoyable day, aside from walking to and from the school in this massive heat that just HAD to be today. My teachers are very interesting, not to mention cool. They're all very laidback and we get to call them by their last name, formally, or by their first name....they really don't care either way, just as long as you address them appropriately to their given names.

The schedules a bit shaky, and it's going to take some time to get familiar with it - but I'll deal. But I've got Ceramics every other day every week. Which so something completely new to me, because at my last school the only hands-on work for assignments were in Criminology and Forensic Science and Workshop. The projects sound very cool, and I can't wait to be making myself a box and doing pottery.

Aside from that, I've got a wicked headache. Perhaps with all the information that I've obsorbed today was just a little too much for me. And it hurts like hell.

Although this morning I watched more of Sense and Sensibility - because my sister went to Blockbuster and rented it last night, along with Dark Harbor that I still have yet to watch. But we have it for a whole week, so I have time to watch it. But I need to drag my sister in to see Alan Rickman naked though. But I do know that I'll be the only one looking and fantasizing when I see him in that part of movie.......

Okay, anyway....I wanted to get further into the movie than I've gotten and, big surprise, I was absolutely swooning over the scenes he was in. I swear, I was practically squeeing at certain points when Alan appeared onscreen. Plus when he was playing with the many puppies in that one particular scene.

*SQUEES!* HE WAS PLAYING WITH PUPPIES!!! Awww, that was just the happy moment I needed in the morning before I went to school. Just....awwwww!

Alan Rickman playing with little puppy dogs. *sighs* That's my kind of man. See, now this just gives me another reason to love him! I'm telling you, I am now more obsessed with him now than I ever was before!

Now my head hurts even more. I must go lie down for a few minutes before I do anything else.
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