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Digital Apocalypse 2012

After recent events, it seems that many affiliated filesharing sites are deleting their files to avoid legal troubles.

Mostly out of fear due to the action the federal government took upon Megaupload, seeing as how the people behind MU are now reportedly being indicted. Understandably, this is causing much concern for everyone everywhere, since it's all happening so fast within the last few days. It's been extremely overwhelming, and it seems like this is the digital age apocalypse, soon we will have to be dealing with dirty guerrilla tactics just to listen to a song for free. While I shouldn't say don't worry or take precautions because obviously this is very serious (and incredibly scary) business that is happening on a legal scale, all is not lost. As long as the Internet remains filesharing will always be available in some form or another. We just have to wait until everyone regroups and finds other, more stealthier ways of working around the system.

This is also why we must fight the recent string of bills coming out as of lately. While SOPA/PIPA have not been passed and are delayed (for now), that doesn't mean we shouldn't be made aware of other threats. ACTA is the latest one, which is considered to be bigger and more dangerous than SOPA/PIPA on an international scale.

Will be keeping an eye on these things, signing petitions, making our voices heard. Because this is all seriously very disconcerting and fucked up and unfair on so many levels.

Oh 2012, why are you sucking already? :/
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