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Pretty Little Liars: "Blonde Leading The Blind" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 2.17 "Blonde Leading The Blind"

I have to say, this was quite a heartbreaking episode because of one particular thing: Spencer and Toby.

The whole thing is devastating to watch because Spencer really loves Toby, and wants to keep him safe, but after him falling off the scaffolding, breaking his arm, something that A clearly did to send Spencer a message that they aren't fucking around with their threats, she does what she thinks is the right thing to do and keep him away from her, by having Emily lie about Spencer being with Wren. Of course it's not true, and it fact it makes me hate Wren because he practically shoved right back into Spencer's space even after she told him she had a boyfriend now. It makes me suspicious of his motives. Anyway, I knew that she was going to go that route, allowing him to think the worst of her if only it was to keep him safe, but it's still heartbreaking because the entire thing is meant to break them up and make both of the miserable. I don't want Toby to leave Spencer, in fact I don't want Toby to believe the worst in Spencer either, and part of me thinks that he probably has figured something out and understands that Spencer is only doing this for certain reasons. After that (creepy) visit from Jenna you'd think he'd put two and two together, perhaps think that Jenna is threatening Spencer, just as she did with him and with their lives in general.

I just really wish Spencer could at least tell Toby just a little bit of what is happening, not the entire truth if she's really worried but just a little snippet of it. Like the girls did with Caleb, just say that someone is threatening them and it's best that they don't get involved without getting caught in the crossfire as well.

Which is why I loved watching Caleb be demanding on wanting answers to the secrets they were withholding from him. Although they didn't reveal the entire truth they let him in on the very fact that Garrett and Jenna were trying to frame them for Alison's murder and that it's not all that it seems. It gives him enough information to understand the weight of what they're dealing with, and understandable given the dramas they've dealt with concerning the law recently, but it isn't revealing of the whole truth concerning the A situation, thus keeping him at a safe distance.

But how long will that last? How much can this continue on before their little heads explode from the stress and pressure?

Other Things I Liked About This Episode:

++ The girls finding the notes that Alison had stored in her doll. We saw this in the Halloween episode, that someone was sending her creepy, threatening messages and she stored them inside the head of one of her dolls and kept it hidden inside the wooden boxed and stored in the vent in her room. I was wondering when the girls were going to discover this, and they finally did. And there were more messages and another flashback from that Halloween night. Now they know that A was stalking Alison, so it's time to figure out who had it in for Alison before turning their attention to the rest of them, and why and for what purpose.

++ Caleb. Just, Caleb. I love him, okay? I love the fact that instead of getting mad and disappearing, he understands that Hanna is scared and wants to help, and went to the other girls to ensure of this. I just hope he doesn't get hurt in the process.

++ The retrieved videos/files from A's cellphone. It's freaky new stuff, the fact that Garrett, Ian and Jenna were all in Alison's bedroom the night she disappeared, the fact that Ian purposefully videotaped the conversation in order to blackmail Garrett, it's all just intense, freaky stuff right there. It makes you wonder what was in the box that made Garrett pause, who was entering the house (if it really was Alison, or someone else?) and just, yeah. This episode brought in a new level to the mystery, and hopefully Caleb retrieves more of the files so we get more clues and answers.

++ Holden. Okay, so he's not gay, although this bit was hilarious:

At least the girls were just as suspicious and questioning as we were, lol, because honestly it would seem rather obvious. Unfortunately that is not the case, and Holden is hiding something else. Of course Aria can't exactly demand the truth from him without explaining the situation about Ezra in return, so they really are just covering for each other. But it makes you wonder, what is Holden's secret? What could warrant him sneaking around in secret and having Aria around to allow him to do this? Is this yet another A-related incident, or something else entirely? Hmmmm......

What I Didn't Like In This Episode

++ Ezra and Aria. Aside from being boring, how come everything involving them also has to be cheesy as fuck? The whole kissing in the rain thing like that? lol just stop okay.

++ Wren. I find his presence rather annoying lately and I don't like him invading my OTP. Furthermore, I dislike how some people in the PLL fandom are swooning over him and wanting Spencer to be with him instead of Toby because of his accent. I mean, really? SMH @ you people so hard right now. Wren just invaded Spencer's life even though she made it perfectly clear that she was in a relationship with someone, and yet he continues to just be there and it's really, ugh. Just go away Wren. You were okay when you first appeared on the show, but now you just need to leave. >:|


++ Jenna being a creepy, manipulative bitch. What is her deal anyway? Why is she hanging around Noel?
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