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Viva Las Vegas

Having just arrived back home from a weekend in Las Vegas, I should be feeling exhausted and drained. But surprisingly enough, I don't feel tired or exhausted at all. In fact, I feel restless even though I have a class tomorrow and should be going to bed shortly after this. Because I missed Friday's class in order to be on this amazing weekend trip, and considering how much I want to pass this semester I cannot afford to miss anymore classes.

Updates on my latest experience in Sin City later. At this moment, nighty-night time. I'll just leave a friendly little reminder for those that haven't visited Vegas, or are planning on going to visit this fabulous city:

Traffic is horrendously bad. Seriously, it's almost as if the entire vehicles themselves took some happy magical Vegas crack like their drivers to be acting so batshit crazy on the road. If one is planning a trip to Vegas, my advice is plan ahead. Of course, walking on The Strip doesn't do one much any good since traffic won't change either way (the sidewalks are also too overcrowded, particularly in the middle of the day and late afternoon.) And although walking around Vegas is very interesting, taking in all the sights and everything of the like, still watch for drivers. They don't look for pedestrians.

More with the Sin City goodness later. Sleepmode must be activated now, before I collapse.
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