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Pretty Little Liars: "A Kiss Before Lying" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 2.18 "A Kiss Before Lying"

It was inevitable that Hanna was to find out about the rest of her friends and Caleb were still working on decrypting the files from A's cellphone, of course it makes you wonder why they all decided to shut her out completely when she tried calling all of them. Like that kind of behavior wasn't suspicious enough, and believe me I've been on that receiving end of people talking behind your back, even if they think it's for your own good and protecting you it still hurts. Never mind that they didn't do so well in concealing it, either, like why couldn't they have just talked to Hanna without being so obvious that they were keeping her out of the loop of something? Though I do understand both sides. Clearly Hanna had made up her mind in protecting Caleb, and with good reason, but them uncovering what can be salvaged from the phone is worth figuring out more on what A had, and what really happened to Alison. So it's understandable on both ends, especially when desperation calls.

I'm glad that despite that feeling of betrayal, Hanna forgave both Caleb and Spencer.

Speaking of what they found, I have to say I am very intrigued by Alison's fake I.D.

Could this have anything to do with the twin storyline that I hope they're going to be getting into? The girls are predicting that Alison, knowing that A had been after her as well, was to uncover whoever it was by pretending to be someone else. Using a clever disguise, that even one of her own friends didn't even recognize her at first. Perhaps this is true, perhaps Alison was uncovering the truth by pretending to be the other half, or some variation of that to get close. This is all my own predictions, by the way. Aside from the Halloween episode with the story about the twins, the show hasn't really given us any more clues other than that, but it stands to reason that Alison was definitely using the name of Vivian Darkbloom for some reason. Hopefully whatever Spencer retrieves that Ali had stored will be another step closer to figuring that piece of the puzzle out, because I want to know more answers to this particular mystery among everything else.

Because judging from the flashback, Alison was very surprised to see Hanna there, like not in a "oh, fancy seeing you here" way but more of a "what are you doing here? this might blow my cover!" kind of way. Of course, she takes it in stride, she tells Hanna to play along and then talks whimsically about being someone else, making a change, and then takes off the dark wig and smiles playfully like it's no big deal.

There's so much to read into here, because obviously her being at that hair parlor wasn't by chance or by her being bored, but she was up to something, investigating or otherwise. I'm reading up on many theories and coming up of a list of my own theories to all of this. The producers know what they're up to, I just hope we get more by the end of the season and that it doesn't disappoint. *crosses fingers*

Other Things I Liked In This Episode:

++ Spencer just being amazing. From defending her friends to playing detective to looking amazing while wearing her usual stylishly funky hats from her enormous hat collection, she was on fire in this episode. If Hanna isn't spitting out fiery one-liners it is Spencer, providing the intellectual snark with her quick wit, and I loved every second of it. I love me some feisty!Spencer, particularly when she cornered Kate with the knowledge of where she knew her from, and kind of using it as blackmail so Kate would remain nice to Hanna, whether or not the niceties are fake. I love it when she gets protective of her friends. *__*

++ Mentioning of Lolita, not just because it's one of my favorite books, but it also goes along with the theme of the show, or at least with certain situations happening in the show. It would make sense that Ali would be obsessed with the book.

++ The flashbacks. I kinda missed Ali, to be honest. I like her flashbacks with the girls.

++ That moment with Caleb and Garrett -- it added the intensity of the situation and really gave Caleb enough information to know that whatever Hanna and the rest of them are dealing with something that is definitely dangerous. It makes me worried because Caleb has been in trouble with the law before, and since Garrett is a police officer and is part of this whole thing, he could do something to Caleb. Especially since Hanna had already told him more than she should have (then again I keep wanting them all to tell those closest to them at least something to make them understand that they are dealing with something very serious here, instead of pushing them away like how Spencer was forced to with Toby -- but whoever is running this whole thing knows exactly where to hurt the girls the most so, yeah, dnw Caleb to get hurt. D:)

++ What's up with Holden? Is he getting beaten up at home, getting into some trouble with other people, or is he working for A and is actually the mysterious stranger that Hanna hit with her car? Hmmm.....

Things I Didn't Like:

++ While I like Emily with Maya, I really didn't like Maya's attitude in this episode. Then again, she's always had trouble with inserting her foot in her mouth and being way too inappropriate at the most unfortunate times, so it must be part of her character. Nevertheless, her just kind of going off like that at dinner really didn't help matters either. She did make up for it, though, when she explained herself to Emily and they gave their "I love yous"

++ Ezra. Just go away. -___-

++ Kate being fake!nice when we all know it's an act, and her just being at Rosewood High in the first place.

++ That ending. Just add more piles of pressure onto Hanna, why don't you A? But this begs the question on how could A have known about those pictures or what Spencer had called Kate, unless A was a.) listening in via bugging devices (that we know A uses) or b.) inside the house at the time. Where else could A have gotten the photos, used it to send them from Hanna's phone/computer and to her entire address book? But now if things weren't already under fire between her and Kate, they certainly are going to be now. Never mind how Hanna's dad is going to react to this, making the cold distant relationship between them even more cold and distant. :/

Oh, and the fact that we got full-fledged kissing between Emily and Maya. Not just pecks or hidden kisses, but long, lingering, passionate kisses between them. On the bed, with groping. This is on ABC Family, you guys. ABC Family. We have yet to see that on Glee between Santana and Brittany. Oh, we've got that between Kurt and Blaine no problem, but not a thing between Santana and Brittany. Tell me, exactly how is that fair?
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