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Pretty Little Liars: "The Naked Truth" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 2.19 "The Naked Truth"

It was sort of predictable that Kate was actually the one to have faked the picture to sabotage Hanna and not really A -- I mean, A has done some pretty shady and psychotic things to the girls, but this incident is kind of below A's standard, if you know what I mean. But nevertheless, it really shows Kate's true colors to everyone. I kinda wanted her to be outed in front of everyone in the school seeing as how everyone was convinced Hanna was the one who did it, but having Hanna one-up Kate and her friends recording the confession from the bathroom as proof was good enough. Never mind Mrs. Marin being an awesome mother, and just awesome in general.

I just hope this settles the Kate problem as a whole, because Hanna really doesn't need more drama on top of everything else that is happening.

For the rest of the episode, there were a quite a handful of suspenseful moments. Scenes where you believed certain characters would reveal certain secrets (Caleb confronting Jenna openly, even I was shocked by his boldness, especially after being dangerously confronted by Garrett in the last episode) and scenes where other characters are extensively creepy, more than usual (Noel and Jenna), and scenes that are awesome but make you kind of suspicious at the same time (Mona helping out Emily with the vice principal situation, an uncharacteristically good deed done by Mona herself, leading to further suspicions others have made about her being a likely candidate of being A herself.) Then there were certain revelations in this episode that spins everything out from its axis, at least for one character.

Spencer found out, or rather put the pieces together herself, that Jason DiLaurentis is her half-brother. I knew they were doing that storyline this season, I was just wondering when they would be introducing it. Seeing as how this is towards the end of S2 I'm hoping this means we'll be getting into more of that later. Though this kind of revelation seemed to have really done its toll on Spencer, at the end of the episode she seemed rather numb. :( I wonder how this is going to proceed now that it's been revealed, if she's going to confront her father about this and whether or not this will shed more light into the Hastings vs DiLaurentis family feuds, and how it all ties back to Alison.

Other Things I Liked In This Episode:

++ The fact that the girls used their phones to record the confession from Kate, it makes me happy because I've been wanting them to use recording devices. Obviously I wish it was more for the A stuff and the creepiness from Noel and Jenna so they can have actual evidence on that, but still, much like what happened during the mid-season premiere, it's nice seeing them being resourceful.

++ Hanna bringing the utmost hilarity and the biggest GPOY ever (re: waking up):

++ Holden and Aria, they are by far a better match than Aria and Ezra, tbqh. I mean Holden saved Aria from Noel with his superhero kick and just, yeah. I definitely believe that Holden is taking defense classes or getting into some kind of fighting because those moves aren't something you learn overnight. Next episode we'll learn the truth of what Holden has been keeping secret.

++ Though it was uncharacteristically sweet of Mona to help Emily, it was nice seeing her interact with the rest of the girls. First Spencer and now with Emily. Of course this raises a few eyebrows as to why.

++ The entire rooftop sequence with Aria was definitely very creepy and intense, like why was Noel even up there in the first place? He claims to not hurting Aria but then why did he insistently grab onto her boot and not let go? It's like dude, your actions contradict your words. Noel is significantly creepier when he's with Jenna, though. It's like he was a major dickwad before but now it's gone to all new levels of creepy, never mind we still don't know his motive on anything anymore, and idk if that's more dangerous especially now that he's with Jenna. O_o

++ Needless to say though, Jenna and Noel making threats about Caleb is making me all nervous.... :S

++ When Hanna cries, we all cry. This is fact. :(

++ I want to hug Spencer. :(

++ I am very intrigued by this Vivian Darkbloom direction. They discovered the coat Alison had that was for her cover as Vivian, and the random anonymous phone number in the pocket. Who's number is it, and why? What was Alison doing, and is this another clue to her mysterious twin? The season is almost to an end, so we better get some answers quick.

Things I Didn't Like:

++ Kate in general, and her mother. In fact, her mother is something that Kate learns by example, from the entitled hissy fit she threw in the vice principal's office. Just, ugh, go away Kate. Go back to your old school and never come back. In fact, I want Hanna's father to enter into this because had he not pursued this whole thing none of this would ever have escalated to where it ended up now. He should have just manned up and repaired things with Hanna's mom instead of going into another marriage with another woman. I'm just saying. If anything, there needs to be closure on that front.

++ While I understand the intention of the event, I just think the whole "Truth Up" thing by spending the night at the school seems rather....silly? Farfetched? Why should they have to have spent the night at the school? Why couldn't it have just been a day seminar or something? It seems odd to me, that's all.


During the "Truth Up" event one of the groups had an assignment to write down one of their biggest confessions on a big piece of poster paper, it would all be anonymous. In one scene we, the audience, are given a glimpse on what some of these confessions were. While some could have just been completely random, I do think there are certain clues to the others, these in particular:

Confession #1: Now this could just be a random one, since many teenagers tend to feel this way, although that doesn't mean we should rule it out as a possibility. There were only a few characters we knew that was part of this group: Aria, Caleb, Jenna and Jason (he being a helper rather than a participant), we didn't really see anyone else. We know this couldn't be Aria, no matter what is happening with the A situation. Caleb might have had a crappy life but he doesn't hate it, especially given how he has Hanna and that things turned around for him. Jenna could have written this, considering her situation, and the writing is scratchy enough that for someone who hasn't been able to see their handwriting in a long time might write it like that. Jason might have written this too, if he was inclined to write something as well. So, Jenna and Jason are the likely suspects of this confession, if it is indeed a clue and not just a random written one.

Confession #2: This one is tricky, because at first my guess was Holden -- we still don't know his situation yet, and many have guessed that he gets beaten up by his father and that is why he's gone out with Aria, to escape and possibly to get himself some self-defense or something similar to that -- although he wasn't in that group (unless all groups rotated to each room?) Some have speculated it being Aria, although that doesn't fit either since while they are still rocky based on the events that happened with Ezra, she's not necessarily afraid of him. So this is still in the air.

Also, notice how the R is written somewhat like an A. Was that done intentionally? The show likes placing random A's here and there every now and again....

Confession #3: Now this is the biggest one, and we can all agree that we suspect this was done deliberately by Jenna and Noel. Although look at the writing, it's the exact same writing that we've seen in A messages (the handwritten ones rather than text ones) From S1 when Spencer was inside the funhouse, the writing on their therapist's office wall, etc. It's precisely the same. One could argue this is the show's way of keeping it all neutral until A is revealed, and we know that A was inside the school. So, yeah, it really is rather creepy......
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