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Certain things have pissed me off today

01. The E! Online couples poll which has reached levels of complete pettiness from both sides of fandom. It's a competition, so it's to be expected, but the childish behavior being exhibited is making me shake my head. From having both fandoms accuse the other of cheating on the poll to passing insults and even rallying other shippers to join in and vote against their opponent. I mean, come on you guys, it's okay be passionate about your ships and all, but be mature about it.

02. Chris Brown apologists. This one not only pisses me off, it outright nauseates me.

I've seen a mass amount of them on Tumblr, but seeing the comments and posts makes me incredibly angry. A lot of them aren't even being subtle with dismissing the entire domestic abuse aspect, many are excusing what happened by saying that "oh it was over like three years ago" and that everyone still complaining about this should just "move on" and "get over it" -- and just excuses after excuses and it's really sad and disgusting to see people just not get why we are angry and, and it makes me wonder why the hell they aren't angry themselves. This post details precisely why people should be angry and upset about all of this and why trying to defend Chris Brown adds more to our already problematically sexist society we live in. In fact, someone else pointed out that Kanye West got more outrage for stealing the microphone from Taylor Swift than Chris Brown got for hitting his girlfriend. How the fuck is this even justifiable? It's all backwards and there are people who just don't see that, and that? Above all, is fucking terrifying to me.

I will say this once: if you are defending or making excuses for Chris Brown in any way ("but we don't know what really happened that night", "even abusers deserve second chances", "but Rihanna could have done something to set him off!" -- and yes, people have been saying this kind of shit) then you need to fucking leave. That is a despicable and dangerous mindset to have, and I do not have the tolerance in dealing with it.
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